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Althea ☾ (themoonwholistens) | 1118 comments Mod
Welcome to the Frankenstein: The 1818 Text Discussion thread! This thread officially opens on October 5th and anyone can join at any time. Please keep in mind that spoilers are allowed in this thread but only up to the group's current reading place. Do not spoil the book if you've read further than the group. Any extra days can be used to catch up!

Each day we will be reading by chapters or page numbers. Page numbers are an approximation based on the hardcover or paperback that is the default on Goodreads. The suggested Buddy Read discussion schedule is as follows:

Week of 10/04
Oct 05: Chapters 1-6
Oct 06: Chapters 7-12
Oct 07: Chapters 13-18
Oct 08: Chapters 19-23

~ Paige
~ Katie
~ Alex
~ Roksy
~ Michelle
~ Meltem

Roksy (roksy93) | 76 comments Hi all, I'd like to join in :)

Alex (The Scribe Owl) | 234 comments @Roksy That sounds fantastic! When can you start? We haven't figured out dates yet.

Michelle (shelbrenn) | 266 comments Can I join too? Was already on my list.

Alex (The Scribe Owl) | 234 comments Okay! When do you want to start it?

Roksy (roksy93) | 76 comments Happy to start whenever!

meltem (ohmyoswald) | 4 comments would love to join!!<3

Michelle (shelbrenn) | 266 comments Next week?

Alex (The Scribe Owl) | 234 comments Sounds great! How about starting on Monday the 5th? There are 23 chapters, how many are we reading a day?

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Michelle (shelbrenn) | 266 comments Monday works. 6 chapters since it is short or 4 if a busy week

Katie (love---katie) | 290 comments Yeah I think 6 chapters a day is good, so we'll get finished within a week!

Alex (The Scribe Owl) | 234 comments Sounds great! Here's a schedule:

5: 1-6
6: 7-12
7: 13-18
8: 19-end

Katie (love---katie) | 290 comments So. Let's talk about how much Victor Frankenstein sucks, shall we?

I have studied this book in two classes, once in high school and once in college, so I feel like I know a lot about it, but one thing I noticed for the first time this reread is how he fixates on the appearances of the two professors early on in the book. They both basically tell him the same thing about the old philosophers he was studying, but he makes it seem like the better-looking professor was more kind about it, while the other guy was a huge jerk. It's not a stretch to say Frankenstein is an unreliable narrator, so I feel like they both acted like normal human beings instead of an angel and devil on each shoulder, but this is just some foreshadowing of how Frankenstein would react to the creature after he created it.

Every single post is just going to be me complaining about how much I hate Frankenstein #sorrynotsorry

Paige Cook (corneliastreets) | 9 comments just got to chapter 3 as i've been super busy today, but i can already tell i don't like victor... this is my first time reading so i guess we'll see but? hmmmmmmm. i'll be caught up in like an hour haha

Paige Cook (corneliastreets) | 9 comments okay, i’m all caught up. this has been kind of tricky to get into... maybe I don’t have enough experience reading classic literature. I’ve been listening to the audiobook along side reading my physical copy as a means of easing into this. i have a feeling this may be another 3 star read for me.

Alex (The Scribe Owl) | 234 comments Okay, I just finished the six chapters (which is like a third of my kindle book already, how did that happen?). I read an abridged version of this way back in sixth grade, and that combination means I don't really remember much.

The little bit that I remember that was also super apparent here was how much of a jerk Victor was. The "monster" was just acting like a curious child, so do you know what Victor did? He ran away screaming. I attribute most of the monstrous things that Victor's creation did/will do to Victor. I mean, the creature learned to hate itself from that experience with Victor.

Paige Cook (corneliastreets) | 9 comments ❀ Alex ❀ (The Scribe Owl) wrote: "Okay, I just finished the six chapters (which is like a third of my kindle book already, how did that happen?). I read an abridged version of this way back in sixth grade, and that combination mean..."

100% agree with the whole “monster” and curiosity thing... Victor is a jerk. Victor is the monster here.

Michelle (shelbrenn) | 266 comments Finished my 6 chapters too. Didn't take that long for the action to start, but not totally into this book yet. We a all agree Victor is a jerk. Didn't notice that his description of the professors so I will be on the look out for more

Roksy (roksy93) | 76 comments I'm a little behind as I've got another book on the go and this one hasn't hooked me yet. The start is slow, and admittedly not what I was expecting.

Alex (The Scribe Owl) | 234 comments I feel like the writing on all classics from this time period is a little slow, so that doesn't surprise me anymore.

Now to complaining about Victor. (view spoiler)

meltem (ohmyoswald) | 4 comments i just finished chapter 12 and i probably won't be adding a ~~controversial~~ statement by saying VICTOR IS REALLY GETTING ON MY NERVES. the way he accused his creation with zero proof is a shame. if he was so sure of himself, he could've said so in order to save Justine but of course, he stayed silent. i hope he can redeem himself in the next chapters by listening to what his "monster" has to say:/

Paige Cook (corneliastreets) | 9 comments i’m going to be honest... this book is boring me nearly to death. i don’t like victor and i find the exposition very boring. idk that’s probably controversial. i can’t wait to get this over with lol

Roksy (roksy93) | 76 comments I think Victor really would have benefited from someone telling him, very early in his life, that just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.

Roksy (roksy93) | 76 comments What a painful, narcissistic character Victor is. He believes an innocent woman is condemned, and can't stop going on about how hard it is for him!

On a side note, I'm finding this read slightly funny if only because I keep imagining it's a terribly acted play where all the actors are trying to outdo each other and think the key to a great performace is dramatic gestures and "oh woe is meeee!" type stuff.

Katie (love---katie) | 290 comments This is actually one of the few classics I like. For some reason, the antiquated writing style doesn't bother me as much in Frankenstein as it does in pretty much every other classic I've tried to read.

@Roksy, YES he's so self-centered! An innocent woman is being put TO DEATH for a crime you know she didn't commit, and all you can think about is how sad you are about it?

I've seen a play that came out maybe 10-ish years ago? The adaptation was very steampunky but amazing. It was starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller, both in their pre-Sherlock days, and two of the performances were recorded because they actually switched off who played the creature and who played Frankenstein. So the audience going in any given night wouldn't actually know which actor would be playing which part, which my little theatre nerd heart finds extremely cool lol. They showed it at the cinema on my college's campus a few times when I was in school, and they never listed in the description which show they were going to play, so I also got to kind of experience the thrill of not knowing who would be Frankenstein and who would be creature. Sadly, I've only seen Cumberbatch as Frankenstein both times I watched it. I never got to see it the other way around :(

Alex (The Scribe Owl) | 234 comments @Katie Oh my goodness, Benedict would have been such a good Victor! I wish I saw that play!

Michelle (shelbrenn) | 266 comments I finished! That was the longest short book I have read in awhile. Probably would not have finished it if not for Fright Night game. Life is too short and there are so many other good books out there. It was too wordy without grabbing your attention. I cant say anything you guys haven't already said about Victor. I did like the part about how the monster and the family the we was learning words and feeling. That monster was really smart for not having a"REAL" family/teacher.
My brother in law is starring in a play M is for Monster or something like that. He just sent a pic of him green faced. Might have to virtually watch it. He is no Cumberbatch though.

Paige Cook (corneliastreets) | 9 comments I don’t have the time to finish this tonight so I’ll finish it tomorrow night, I apologize!

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Alex (The Scribe Owl) | 234 comments Michelle wrote: "I finished! That was the longest short book I have read in awhile. Probably would not have finished it if not for Fright Night game. Life is too short and there are so many other good books out the..."

I totally agree, longest short book I've read in a while. I just finished it too, and I'll link my review in this post after I write it.


@Paige Don't stress it! The chapters take forever xD

meltem (ohmyoswald) | 4 comments i'm done!! i think this wasn't the worst classic book i've read but it definitely wasn't the best. it could've been much shorter and would be much more interesting that way. but reading it together with you guys was great! i wasn't very vocal on here while reading because i was v busy this week but reading your thoughts along the way was nice. hope to see you all in another buddy read<3

Roksy (roksy93) | 76 comments I finally finished! I got waylaid by my dad's 60th, so Frankie was put on the back burner.

It was great to read it with you all and hear your thoughts. I did ultimately enjoy it, though I found it quite a slow read. There are great themes, particularly the idea of 'otherness' which I was drawn to as it relates to my academic work in the field of ancient history. In fact, there were many classical allusions which often piqued my interest, though they felt a bit forced at times.

Katie (love---katie) | 290 comments @Rosky, I don't know if you know this, but the original subtitle of Frankenstein is "A Modern Prometheus." I get the vibe Mary Shelley was VERY into classical myths, which I think makes sense given the time period. I think that's something a lot of authors at the time were doing, if my literary history memory isn't completely rusty.

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Roksy (roksy93) | 76 comments @Katie, yes I have one of the versions which includes the full title. The allusions are very common for the time period - there was a great interest in ancient Greek and Roman literature, particularly epic.

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