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★Buddy/Group Read Retirement★ > Ninth House (October 2020) Buddy Read Discussion ~ Alex & Hafsah & Michelle

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Althea ☾ (themoonwholistens) | 1118 comments Mod
Welcome to the Ninth House Discussion thread! This thread officially opens on October 12th and anyone can join at any time. Please keep in mind that spoilers are allowed in this thread but only up to the group's current reading place. Do not spoil the book if you've read further than the group. Any extra days can be used to catch up!

Each day we will be reading by chapters or page numbers. Page numbers are an approximation based on the hardcover or paperback that is the default on Goodreads. The suggested Buddy Read discussion schedule is as follows:

Week of 10/11:
Oct 12: Chapters 1-4
Oct 13: Chapters 5-8
Oct 14: Chapters 9-12
Oct 15: Chapters 13-16
Oct 16: Chapters 17-20
Oct 17: Chapters 21-24

Week of 10/18:
Oct 18: Chapters 25-28
Oct 19: Chapters 29-32

~ Alex
~ Hafsah
~ Michelle

Michelle (shelbrenn) | 266 comments Can I join in al well?

Hafsah (pretentiouspolyglot) | 113 comments yes ofc!!
The more the merrier i suppose :)

message 4: by Alex (The Scribe Owl) (last edited Oct 01, 2020 05:28AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Alex (The Scribe Owl) | 234 comments We're starting on the 12th, is that okay? We're still trying to figure out how many chapters a day, but it'll probably be three or four.

Michelle (shelbrenn) | 266 comments Works for me!!!

message 6: by Alex (The Scribe Owl) (last edited Oct 01, 2020 10:55AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Alex (The Scribe Owl) | 234 comments Here's the schedule! We're reading about four chapters a day starting on the 12th:

12: 1-4
13: 5-8
14: 9-12
15: 13-16
16: 17-20
17: 21-24
18: 25-28
19: 29-32

Michelle (shelbrenn) | 266 comments Laughing because I thought I had picked up a foreign language book. I am listening to the audio book and epilogue started in a foreign language. Finishing up a few buddy reads will finish my chapters tomorrow

Alex (The Scribe Owl) | 234 comments First of all, I'm super excited to do another buddy read with you guys!

Secondly, I just finished my chapters. I'm not completely sure what I think so far. The prologue was super confusing to me right off the bat. You know how the prologues are supposed to intrigue you and make you want to know more? I was just confused.

The switching timelines were confusing at first, but now that I'm used to it I kind of like it. We'll see how it continues, but I'm not sure about it so far.

Hafsah (pretentiouspolyglot) | 113 comments i've finished my chapter up to this point and I'm still confused, I don't know if its the switching of timelines or just everything in general.

But the story has me hooked nonetheless

Alex (The Scribe Owl) | 234 comments Hafsah wrote: "i've finished my chapter up to this point and I'm still confused, I don't know if its the switching of timelines or just everything in general.

But the story has me hooked nonetheless

I'm really starting to like this, though I'm still a little confused. Also, I NEED MORE DARLINGTON! I should have known the creator of Nikolai and Kaz would bring another stunning addition!

message 11: by Alex (The Scribe Owl) (last edited Oct 14, 2020 08:08PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Alex (The Scribe Owl) | 234 comments I'm partially through chapter eleven and I have a wild theory--hear me out! What if the Bridegroom is Darlington? We know something happened to him and it sounds like he's dead. The Bridegroom was frequently around Alex and then saved her from the ghosty thing trying to kill her. I know this theory is particularly wild, but that would make it even better if I'm correct!

Dang it, I just finished the chapters and I'm wrong :(

Hafsah (pretentiouspolyglot) | 113 comments But that wld have been sooooo wild if you were right, i never thought of it like that

Hafsah (pretentiouspolyglot) | 113 comments This booooook, this is my first Leigh Bardugo book and-

1. I feel like Alex is so invested in this murder and idek why, its not logical to me. She never knew the girl or anything and her situation at Yale is also precarious-Obviously it drives the story but still
2. Who really killed Tara anyway?? Either i missed it or i haven't gotten to that part yet

message 14: by Michelle (last edited Oct 16, 2020 08:49AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Michelle (shelbrenn) | 266 comments The story lines in this story are confusing and hard to keep track.

The present day Alex story is the easiest to follow for me.

@Hafsah Isn't it kind of her job if the supernatural were involved. Or am I getting that wrong.

On chapter 24 and still waiting to find out the murder.

I am going to try to finish today as it is due Oct 18th.

Hafsah (pretentiouspolyglot) | 113 comments yes the story lines really are super mixed up

also i know its her job to be involved in supernatural occurrences and all but she really is doing the most

I think either Blake or her boyfriend killed Tara...

Alex (The Scribe Owl) | 234 comments I just finished and I'm not sure what I think. It was so different from all of Leigh Bardoguo's other work. It had some really good parts but for the majority, I didn't really like it. I think I'm going with a three-star rating and I'm definitely going to read the next book because of that cliff hanger xD

Hafsah (pretentiouspolyglot) | 113 comments I just finished it a few minutes ago and I have no idea what just happened
Unlike you @Alex, i have never read any books by Bardugo and so i went into this with no prior expectations and i was still disappointed.

It was something sort of like "The history of magic + here's a murder being solved courtesy of our very unlikable MC to spice things up a little."

But still I might find myself reading the second book too-the ending was NOT it

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