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message 1: by Asper (last edited Sep 30, 2020 06:28AM) (new)

Asper Blurry | 28 comments Hi y'all!

I'm looking for a Beta Reader :)

genre: adult, contemporary/literary novel,
title: "The Secret House of Whispers"
words: 57,000


Her best friend, who was in love with her, got killed. Her boyfriend is missing. Maphi feels that it’s her fault but she can’t remember why.

Trapped alone in the Secret House of Whispers, Maphi isn’t sure if it’s real or only her imagination. She meets You Poor Thing Tree and learns the truth about her past - she is indeed responsible for the tragedy. To make amends, she can return for three months to earth before it all happens.

But when the tree tells her she’ll need to prepare herself for death afterward Maphi is torn between saving the only people who ever loved her, thus freeing herself from guilt, and her own life. The choice is even tougher as one of them hurt her and the tree won’t say who it was.

Thank you! :)

message 2: by Kiley (new)

Kiley (kileyraica) I’m interested. How soon would you like feedback?
Shoot me an email and we can discuss further.

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