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OMIGOD YES!!!!!!!1

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in like a remake of presidents Snows mansion but its not the real one.

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And like all these traps and mutts and stuff in it but like the mansion has to look old and like it was left behind...AND OMIGOD we should have the districts there to but there all ruined and bombed!!!

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Yeah that's better sorry just got my creative flow going

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hmm like everything in the rooms has to be diffrent stuff that could help you,stuff that can kill you so you have to take risks

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okay great

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Hey mods should I have a after life I'm feeling kinda guilty XD

ѕнєяℓσ¢к {ιf ι ωαѕ α вℓυєвιя∂, ι ωσυℓ∂ fℓу тσ уσυ} (mushroomlad) Ⓚⓔⓝ wrote: "Ooooh I have an idea what if the next hunger games is in a mansion?"

That's cool!

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