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message 1: by W (last edited Sep 30, 2020 01:49AM) (new)

W | 355 comments She seems to divide opinion rather sharply.There are those who think that she couldn't act and those who think that she was the star with the greatest allure in cinema history.What is your view and which one of her movies is your favourite ?

message 2: by Spencer (new)

Spencer Rich | 69 comments Reading Kazan's memoirs. He thought very highly of her. They were good friends and hooked up a few times before she married DiMaggio. I think she could have really developed if she got more varied roles. She does excellent in The Misfits.

message 3: by W (new)

W | 355 comments Marilyn holds great appeal for me,and she did relatively few films.My favourite movie of hers is Niagra.Also,The Seven Year Itch.But I still feel,she didn't get the best scripts.As for the Misfits,it was her last film and Clark Gable's last film,and the making of the movie wasn't smooth sailing.

message 4: by Spencer (new)

Spencer Rich | 69 comments True. Plus she had split up with Arthur Miller. But maybe she utilized those emotions for the character. She had regularly been studying at the Actors Studio by that point. Strasberg was probably showing up to the set. Though I wouldn't be surprised if Huston kicked him off the set.

message 5: by W (new)

W | 355 comments According to Laurence Olivier,he found it very difficult to work with her as well,on The Prince and the Showgirl.

message 6: by Spencer (new)

Spencer Rich | 69 comments Oh, yeah--everybody loved her but hated working with her. Wilder was bold enough to do more than one. And they're all-time classic comedies. But she was full of bad habits, at least once she became famous.

message 7: by Spencer (new)

Spencer Rich | 69 comments Supposedly, DiMaggio broke up with her after the famous white dress scene and the giant poster depicting the scene. I think she was probably crazier about Arthur Miller, but I think the gulf between their personalities was too big, whatever her "method" aspirations.

message 8: by W (new)

W | 355 comments DiMaggio has my sympathies,he had a legitimate reason to be pissed off.

message 9: by W (new)

W | 355 comments That reminds me to take another look at the Seven Year Itch,after several years.Not my favourite movie,but her presence makes it worth watching.

message 10: by Samantha (new)

Samantha Glasser | 455 comments Mod
I love Marilyn! She had star quality x1000, but that wasn't the only thing that is intriguing. If she was just a sexy girl, she wouldn't have lasted long in the industry. Those were a dime a dozen. She had talent and beauty and allure. I will watch anything she is in, but my favorites are Some Like it Hot, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and The Asphalt Jungle. I think Something's Got to Give would have been a winner too had it been completed.

message 11: by W (new)

W | 355 comments Yes,she had that something extra which contributed to her enduring appeal.

message 12: by Spencer (new)

Spencer Rich | 69 comments I haven't seen Bus Stop or Niagra. I think The Misfits is probably her best performance that I have seen.

message 13: by W (new)

W | 355 comments Both Bus Stop and Niagra are worth watching.I'm watching Gentlemen Prefer Blondes now,but find it rather slow.Also got Let's Make Love in my collection and will watch it again.
Didn't like Some Like it Hot,Tony Curtis looks awful in drag.

message 14: by Betsy (new)

Betsy | 30 comments I like 'Let's Make Love' too. You'd like to think she was really like Amanda, but she was a troubled soul. I thought she was good in 'Niagara' too. You could feel her fear when she was chased. She had talent, but her personal demons seemed to out weigh everything.

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