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xavier | 581 comments

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Aeris sat beside the pool, swishing his hand in the water. He let out a sigh, shoulders easing just a bit.

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xavier | 581 comments "Hey Little Bro." Jacqueline said quietly after seeing him. She sat next to him, putting her arm around his shoulder. "Are you alright?"

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Aeris nodded, bringing his knees to his chest.
“Yeah, in the health sense. Minds a little jumbled, Jacky.” It was the first time he’d ever called her that and not her proper name.

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xavier | 581 comments Jacky was surprised, but hid it since it wasn't really the time. "The Selection getting to you?" She asked, handing him some chocolate after popping a piece of a bar in her mouth.

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Aeris kept it in his hands. He didn’t meet her eyes.
“I.. guess. It’s stressful. I haven’t slept much.”

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xavier | 581 comments Jacky took a deep breath and turned her body to face Aeris. ”I know I don't really tell you this as much as I should, but even though I'm busy with things, I am here for you I talk to aright?”

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Aeris nodded, head hanging.
“I know, Jacky. That’s harder than you’d think.”

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xavier | 581 comments She nodded. ”Is everyone treating you well?” She asked, trying to keep her tiger sister-ness out of her voice.

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Aeris chuckled.
“I haven’t talked to anyone other than Jayden.”

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xavier | 581 comments ”Oh, good.” She said a bit sheepishly. ”I know that you like the prince and he’s quite nice so why don't you approach him? Or anyone in the staff really. I don't know about the other Selected though.”

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Aeris sighed, shredding his hands through his perfectly styled hair.
“It’s. I... i can’t. I get nervous every time I try. It’s like I can’t speak.”

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xavier | 581 comments Jack nodded. "I understand. Is it better if someone comes up to you?" She asked, trying to find a solution as she tightened her blonde ponytail.

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Aeris nodded.
“Yeah I.. I guess.. I.. i know how weird that is for me. I’m usually assertive but.. somethings different this time.”

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xavier | 581 comments "Yeah, you're in a different situation Ris, and being around your crush doesn't really help either." She said chuckling softly.

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Aeris leaned his head on her shoulder, despite being light years taller.
“I know, Jacky.”
(I think)
(Also.. should Jacky be the one who nominated Aeris for this?)

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xavier | 581 comments (Yeah sure!)

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xavier | 581 comments Jacky side-hugged him tightly, looking into the water silently.

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Aeris’ voice was meek, a mere whisper as he stared into the water as well.
“Why’d you sign me up for this, Jacky? Why am I worth it?”

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xavier | 581 comments Jacqueline immediately stiffened and pull away. "I signed you up for this because you've always had a crush on The Prince, and you're worth it because your my little brother; the one who's always been kinder and more compassionate then I am. The one who deserves an amazing life and I'll be damned if I don't help you get that."

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Aeris sighed, hanging his head once again. He brought his knees to his chest.
“I can’t make him pick me, Jacky. If I’m not what he wants then that’s not his fault.” His voice was somber, almost hollow.

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xavier | 581 comments She sighed. "Aeris, you haven't even talked to the guy yet so how the hell would you know if you're not what he wants?" She asked incredulously.

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Aeris shook his head, tears pricking at his eyes.
“I don’t know! Fuck, Jacky.. I don’t know...” he shredded his hands through his hair.

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xavier | 581 comments Jacky pinched herself. "No, please don't cry..." She said, wiping his tears away and pulling him close. "I get that you think that you're not worthy, and I understand that I can't change your perspective, but think logically then okay? The Prince and you may be soulmates or maybe not but you won't actually know until you talk to him and show him the amazing person you are." She said, her embrace tight as if she was trying to shield him from the world.

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xavier | 581 comments (JE LES AIME TELLEMENT!!!!!!)

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Aeris sobbed into her shoulder, almost silent.
“This entire thing throws all of my logic out of the window, Jacky. I’m not amazing. I’m average. I’m snappy and cold-hearted, and I can never keep a friend, let alone a lover, for more than a day. You’re all I’ve got, Jacqueline.”

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xavier | 581 comments Jacky didn't say anything for a moment. "Aeris, we both know that I was never one for bullshit. If I say you are are amazing, kind, and the best person I've ever had the good luck to know, then you fucking are." She said, her voice bold and confident. "Also, your past "friends" were dumb idiots who didn't see what a miracle you are." She hissed.

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xavier | 581 comments (For their safety, I really hope no one insults Aeris)

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Aeris stood.
“Maybe that’s true. Maybe it’s not. In my mind your love is.. a rule. I feel like as my sister, you’re required to love me. Or say you do. You feel obligated to love me. In my head.” He turned away from her, his heavy coat (which looked like a Victorian suit jacket) making him look like he was a part of the shadows.

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xavier | 581 comments Jacky just stared at him. "You're acting like a dumbass; if that was true I'd love our biological parents then but we both know I'd leave them to die if it came to it." She growled out. "I know where your coming from Ris but never question my love for you." She said, extremely offended.

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Aeris didn’t respond, walking slowly away. Hot tears streamed down his chilled skin, and he bit his lower lip to keep Jacky from hearing.

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xavier | 581 comments Jacky jumped up and ran after him, grabbing his arm and pulling him to her. "I am not letting you leave believing that I don't actually love you." She said, stubborn as ever.

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Aeris didn’t turn, probably drawing blood with how hard he was biting his lip.
“Jacky.. you’re making a scene..” he whispered, voice cracking.

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xavier | 581 comments Jacky's eyes softened and she let go. "Just please keep in mind that I do love you, and that I wouldn't if you were not as amazing as you are." She said quietly, looking down at the ground. "And if I hear that someone else been telling you that you're not a good person I will make them wish they were never born." She mumbled, head ducked.

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xavier | 581 comments (How do you want this to go Ozzie?)

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I think Elias and Aeris are gonna meet)

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xavier | 581 comments (I though Jayden and Elias were going to meet? Let me check with Liss)

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Aeris tucked a lock of Jacky’s hair behind her ear, tears chilled now on his cheeks from the crisp air.
“I know you do, Jacky. And thanks. But don’t hurt anyone. I wouldn’t want you to lose your job because of me.”

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xavier | 581 comments Jacqueline didn't promise anything butte nodded slightly, hugging him tight.

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Aeris patted her back, before slipping out of her arms and walking towards the stables. He’d formed a sort of bond with one of the horses, Titan. He’d found that he always helped to clear his mind.

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xavier | 581 comments Jacky took a deep breath and stayed at the pool for a while, heading inside later.

ℂhigeen( •_•) Rose walked in and took off the light robe covering she had thrown over her bathing suit(view spoiler). She tied her hair up in a bun and dove in, barely making a splash. She started with her typical swim warmup, and did her swim workout(view spoiler) in about an hour and a half, two hours-ish. She then walked out of the pool and dries off her hair, taking care not to frazzle it.

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