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Sid (desire2write) | 43 comments Next morning I woke up washed my face and made herbal tea.

While I was drinking that I saw little bear slowly getting up but her mother was already up.

"Good Morning"

I said that and rubbed little bears head.


"growl" ( Good Morning)

While saying so she climbed on my back like a panda.

It tickles when she does that.

"We will be back soon"

Saying that I looked at mother bear and she gave a nod.

We reached the river.

I took off my clothes and jumped in the river.

Little bear also followed me and jumped in the river.

*Splash Splash*

We played for a bit and got out of the water and got dressed.

"Let's try hunting today"

Yesterday while strolling I saw a horned rabbit. I tried hunting it with the hatchet at it but it easily dodged and got away.

We reached the place where I saw them yesterday.

After searching for half an hour we found a horned rabbit.

With gestures, I told Little bear to circle and go behind the rabbit.

After I told her whole plan she sneakily got behind the rabbit.

She is the same size of the rabbit so it could be dangerous for her to attack directly but I just want her to scare him and push towards me who is hiding at the at opposite direction so it should not be a problem.

I gestured her to start and she started running towards the bunny and watching that the bunny ran in the opposite direction as planned.

It readied my Hatchets in both hands while waiting for the correct time...Soon as it got close it threw the hatchet.

The bunny jumped and the hatchet slightly gazes on the leg.

I immediately took the opportunity and the other one and hit the bunny in air.


Bunny falls on the ground, blood pouring out of his body and light vanished from his red eyes.

I was able to directly Pierce his heart.

"It's dead"

Bunnies are cute whether in this world or in the earth.... but I have to eat to survive.

"May your soul rest in peace"

After offering the prayer I carried the dead bunny on my back.

Just one bunny won't be enough for three of us so I caught some fishes and little bear picked the berries and apples.

On the way, I checked the traps and found a bunny hanging upside down from the tree.

"This trap is really effective...."

I laughed internally.

Maybe I should make a lot of these traps .......but it didn't take long for me to reject the idea...


I saw little bear hanging upside-down on the trap next to the bunny while eating the fruit...Does she think it's funny? it's definitely not I tell you...

Most of these will be ruined by this little bear even if I make them...

I cut the vines and released the little bear and gave a painless death to the rabbit and offered my prayer

"Today we gonna have a small feast"

I roasted fish and the bunny at some distance from the cave.

While it was getting done... I made some spears with rabbit horn.

"This shall do it"

I tied it with vines and added glue as an extra precaution so it won't come off.

I entered the cave, it is already afternoon now...

"I'm back"

"Growl" (I'm home)

We said it like usual...

But this time a reply came...

"GROWL" (welcome back kids)

It was a voice similar to little bear but the pitch was a bit higher, the source was.... little bears mother...

I was not surprised that I could understand her.... but it still feels odd...

I shook my head and we ate lunch...The meat tastes good but I really wish we had some salt and other spices...

After lunch, we sat together.

Definitely not playing staring game but we are looking at each other without saying anything for a while now.

"Ok ok you win I can't stare any longer"

I raise my hand in surrender.

Both the bears showed a small smile.

"Growl" (Thank you for treating me.)

She looked a bit down after saying that.

the mother bear isn't fully healed but she is good enough for conversation and walking a few steps.

"I only did what any passing above average looking gentlemen would do"

The heck is saying...The heck is above average looking gentleman...

Who the heck is normal mind approaches an injured bear totally unarmed...

Not that I could tell her...

She was laughing hard.....

I want to die.....

"Oi oi you have not recovered.... and stop laughing!!. "

I glanced at Let's bear.

She was busy playing with the wooden carvings in her mouth and when she saw me staring she hid them behind her like saying it's mine I won't share...

"Ahhh ....this one is a lost cause "

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Sid (desire2write) | 43 comments Sorry I am having bad days so kinda writing to get away from life.

If you like reading this let me know.

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