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Sid (desire2write) | 43 comments After finishing the breakfast and other daily chores like cleaning the wounds and changing bandages of the mother bear.
I decided to try something new today, so I took the little bear with me to a spot where I found the trail of small animals.
It was at some distance from the cave where I can practice making the traps without any interference.
After a lot of trials and errors, I was finally able to get the hang of it.
By using the fruit as bait, the trap was finally set.
Just as I walked a few steps thinking about what to do next...

Woah, I already caught something.
Moving towards the trap, I saw the little bear hanging upside-down and eating the fruit while giving a victory symbol.
I put a hand on my head while crying internally.
"You really are shameless, even while hanging from a tree you only care about eating."
I really spoiled her....but whenever I look at her innocent face, I cannot help it...
I feel like a dad encouraging her daughter that always causes trouble.
"Ah, I am walking the long and thorny path of fatherhood."

There is no mirror, but while looking in the river, I found out that I am a young-looking guy between 18-20 with a height of around 178cm.
If I score myself, then it will be slightly above average.
While admiring myself internally, I cut down the vines entangled on her legs and caught the falling glutton, so she doesn't get hurt from the fall.
As soon as I put her down...
She ran towards the cave without giving me a chance to lecture her...
"She sure is a fast runner."
Well, I could catch her if I ran after her but I will let it slide this time.
"I cannot help but spoil her... Cuteness is justice!"
While nodding accepting that fact I started digging for the pitfall trap.
"Let's be careful and not put a fruit as bait because I don't want that little brat to fall in it."
When I returned to the cave... the little bear hid behind her mother.
"Hiding will only delay your punishment"
I need to properly make her repent as the traps are dangerous.
The mother bear was still weak but her wounds have mostly healed now which is a relief. Soon she will be able to walk.
"g-growl" (s-sowwy)
"growl" ( I will not do it again)
She looked down bending her front legs.
"If you promise you won't do it again I will forgive you"
I picked her up and stared at her face.
"grrooowwl" (i powmese)
Mhm, She will definitely do it again but she sure knows how to make my heart melt.
I wonder if all the dads feel like this. It's a really wonderful feeling that I can never get used to.
*cough cough*
"I'll forgive you this time"
She gave a huge smile and hugged me. I don't know how many times I have said that but I can't bring myself to scold her.
"Ok now go and help your mom eat"
She nods and ran towards where her mom and starts feeding her.
I carved a small circle on the tree and now I am practicing to throw accurately.
Little bear picked another Hatchet and gave it to me.
"growl" ( i did good pat me )
I rubbed her head and took the hatchet off her mouth and threw it towards the circle carved on a tree.
It was stuck on the tree but not inside the circle.
"It will take a while to throw accurately."
I continued practicing for two more hours.
I washed my face and wiped my body.
While strolling in the jungle I found a plant that releases a glue-like substance from its leaves and it becomes hard after leaving for some time.
I used that to prevent the leakage of water between the planks as the planks. From my sense, I already knew that it's not poisonous.
I really need to understand if I can do more than just sensing, more knowledge is always welcomed with open arms.
But now we at least don't need to go to the river for small chores.
"Growl" (Me too me too)
The little bear came to me and I slowly poured water on her with a mug and washed her.
"grrooowll" (bath fun!)
She happily starts running in circles splashing water dripping from her.
I really enjoy her acting like her age so I let her enjoy herself and washed the mother bear.
"How are you feeling today."
She tried to answer but is still weak to speak so she just nods, which means she is getting better.
After cleaning her I spoke to her random stuff that I remember about the earth like I always do.
"There is a chunk of iron flying air with the power of science, also there are a lot of delicious food like burger, pizzas, noodles"
She just happily listens to me talking with warm eyes.

Soon it got dark, so I reinforced the entrance and we went to sleep.

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Sid (desire2write) | 43 comments I'll post some rough versions with lot of typos and randomness. Please help me out.

message 3: by Quinley (new)

Quinley (Phoenix_Bluefeather) (phoenix_bluefeather) | 70 comments I really like this so far. Also I was wondering, besides him being average what exactly does he look like? Like what color are his eyes and hair?

message 4: by Sid (new)

Sid (desire2write) | 43 comments That's a great suggestion. I'll elaborate more on that part.
P.S. Thank you for reading!

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