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Aiko Shimizu | 1 comments I read this book in middle school back in 2005, give or take a couple years. I don't know anything about this book, what year it was published (but I think I remember it looking like a fairly old book), the author, the title or even the name of the characters. I only know a few plot details.

I believe the main character was a young East Asian girl. Somehow, she got lost or stranded on an island, perhaps? I remember a forest/jungle/tropical environment. Maybe a shipwreck? Not sure about that, but she definitely was far from home and she was alone, no other people around. Until she comes across a baby boy. The baby has no parents or anything, so the girl decides to care for him. But she had no means of finding him milk to feed him so she uses water from a river or stream. She has no bottle, so she soaks a piece of cloth and has him suck on it.

The baby is very frail and she thinks that he might die. But when he doesn't, the girl gives him a name and tries to settle on the island she is stranded on, building a home for them. After this part I don't remember anything else about what happened, just that the baby eventually grew into a toddler and the girl had to learn how to cut his hair.

It was a short read and I remember the book having a few illustrations within it, either throughout the book or at the beginning of each chapter (if there even were any), so maybe it was a children's book. It may have even been part of a compilation, though I can't recall any other stories. I remember the pages were slightly yellow with a larger font and it was a hardcover book on the thinner side.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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