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Hi I'm here now

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(XD Okay you can start rplying)

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who's gonna play with me

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(I'll play someone for you but I'm not going to be in the games.)

Cassidy walks outside her house and sighs

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((Gtg. About to have dinner.))

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so Roxanne went wondering through the woods and to find a dear to hunt so she could eat. because she had to get up early to go work and she had a long day ahead of her

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Roxanne was running and hunting for one whole hour. till she got tired and settled for two brown rabbits. and went back inside. because it was getting dark

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((Should they know each other))

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yeah they should . I'm sorry for replying so late

Caramel {Thank you for showing me what it’s like to be human} (thecaramel_rose) Grant walked out of his house and towards the factory.

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((Its okay so am I))

Cassidy sees Roxxanne go in her house and she sits on her porch

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than Roxanne comes outside and Ask's Cassidy what's wrong and is she ok

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Cassidy nods, "Yeah I'm just worried about you.."

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(When Rplying use " " Because it's confusing)

"Because...I don't know" She says shrugging

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Cassidy looks up, "Hey.."

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She gets up

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She smiles warmly

Caramel {Thank you for showing me what it’s like to be human} (thecaramel_rose) Grant gave a small smile in return

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(She flirts a lot btw XD)

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She twirls her hair

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She smiles, "Thank you"

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She smiles

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um this is gonna sound embarrassing. but I don't think I can be in this group anymore. for a lot of reason. 1, Because I'm always late. and we don't roleplay at the same time. and 2, I've never read the Hunger games books. I've only watched it. so I don't really know how to play. it's not your guys fault. it's my fault.🤦‍♀️

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OMIGOSH SHE LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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((What's wrong?))

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(Never mind..)

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She looks down for just a second

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She looks back up, "So.."

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(I think I'm going to just have this character in the hunger games...eventually she's going to die tho..)

She nods

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Marin walks through the woods by herselff

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She pauses to put her hair in a ponytail and then keeps walking, walks are where she can just calm down and think things through.

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