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Rosaline looks up from tying her boot and watches, as her brother Derrick does chin ups on one of the oak tree branches.
Rosaline gulps as Connor walks up to her.
With a sneer on his face he hisses, "your turn."

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Gnaeus smiled, twirling his sword around easily blocking his brother's. "You're going to have to try harder Marcus!" he said cockily.

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Rosaline slowly stood up, then approached the tree.

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Marcus swung the opposite way while Gnaeus was speaking. Gnaeus blocks it inches from his shoulder. Pushing hard on the handle he inches Marcus' sword back farther and farther.

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"What are you, afraid? Connor cackles, looking over at Derrick, as he lands on the ground.
"Knock it of," Rosaline warns, clutching her fists tightly.
"Or what?" Connor grins.

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Hurry Marcus! If your going to win this one you need to do it soon, you're getting tired. Gnaeus said stepping back swinging his sword in one hand.

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Rosaline lurches forward.
Seconds before she can connect her fist with Connor's blotchy red face, something yanks her arm back.
"Rosaline no!" Derrick shouts.

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Marcus smiles shaking his head. "I give up" he replies "You're too good!" Gnaeus puts his sword away, and was about to reply when Marcus brought up his sword again and pressed it to Gnaeus' throat. "You have to be on guard always, people will double cross you faster than you can reply. If you can don't give them a chance"

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"Let her go Derrick!' Connor demands, shoving his face into Rosaline's.
"She needs to learn how to fight!"
"She knows how to fight!" Derrick defends, loosening his grip on his sister's arm.
"That's right!" Rosaline shouts, "you're just jealous!"
Connor throws his head back and lets out a harsh laugh.
"Ha! Jealous of what? You're pathetic!"

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((We teaming up?))
Gnaeus nodded processing the information that could in fact save his life in the games.

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Rosaline jerks away from her brother and slaps her hand across Connor's face.

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((K! The rule from the 74th is in place, this'll be interesting))
Marcus walks away with one last comment, "Remember that."
Gnaeus jogs out of the training center, hoping to find Rosalina to work on a strategy for the Games.

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Connor grabs the cheek that Rosaline struck and smiles.
"Climb the tree!" He barks.
A wave of nausea rushes through her, as she gazes up at the 8 foot oak.
Before she can lose her lunch, she takes off through the woods.

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((Where are you in 2 btw?))
Marcus checked various spots she might be in.

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Rosalin yanked off her jacket and collapsed onto a large boulder.

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((No, I mean where is she in D2? Her house or...))

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((in the woods))

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((Thanks! 🙂 Should they know each other well?))
Gnaeus ran to the woods after checking to make sure she wasn't closer.

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Rosaline was busy drawing her name in the dirt, when she heard a quiet rustling sound behind her.

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Gnaeus popped up behind her hoping to scare her. "Boo" he said

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"Ah!" Rosaline shouted, swirling around to face the boy.
"Gnaeus, what the heck?" She gasped,clutching her heart.

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"Just keeping you on your toes" he laughs.

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"Trying to give me a heart attack is more like it," she replied, smiling a little.

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Gnaeus laughs.

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"What are you doing here?" Rosaline asked wiping dirt off her jeans.

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((Just in case you didn't know, These games take place after the second rebellion and after the Capitol got control and reinstated the games. So we now know ahead of time who was reaped. 🙂))
"Umm, hoping to discuss a battle plan? Maybe train a bit more." He said smiling, "What did you think I was here for?

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Rosaline shrugged. "No reason. But I've already spent the last three hours training with Connor and Derrick. So, can we take it easy?"

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((What's your main weapon?))
"That's up to you, I've basically been training since dawn, a change would be nice. Want to use brain power and come up with a decent strategy?" he asked.

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((Sword ))
Rosaline smiled, glad that Gnaeus understood. "Sure."

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((Lol, same for him. Does she know how to use others though? If so, what?))
"Have anything yet? Because I don't other than don't let down your guard." he asked exhausted

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((Slingshot, spear))

Rosaline sighed. "I need to face my fear of heights and you need to face your fear of small spaces. We can't let them think we're weak."

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"No... Ladies first?" he inquired.

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Rosalie shot him a look, blew out her cheeks, then sighed.
"Fine big baby."

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"Geez, ouch" he says shaking his hand as if burned, "Just being polite" he teased, "Plus we are conveniently surrounded by trees"

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Rosaline sighed again, then walked over to one of the trees looming ahead.
"If I die, I just want you to know…You've been a crummy friend."

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"If I die ditto, you called me a big baby" "Also if I die please cremate me, I really don't want to be stuck in a tiny hole forever." he jokes.

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"Deal," Rosaline turned to face the tree.
She shot up and wrapped her hands around the lowest branch.
Her heart sped up, as she pulled herself up. "So far…So good."

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Gnaeus walked over near the tree, "How far are you climbing?"

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"Just two more feet,"Rosaline replied breathlessly,trying not to look down.

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"Ok, I'm not sure if I'm relieved or really scared." he paused then asked, "You?"

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"I…I have to."
Rosaline dragged her body up and wrapped her legs around the tree's base.

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"Right." he said looking up.

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Rosaline reached up and took hold of the branch above her.
She was just about to pull herself up, when a bird swooped by.
Rosaline yelled, as she fell to the ground.

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Gnaeus instinctively caught her.

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Rosaline gasped, then peered down at Gnaeus.
"T-thanks," she stammered.

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"No problem, hopefully me getting over heights will turn out better though" he said awkwardly putting her down.

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Rosaline shook her head.
"That was pathetic. Connor's right."

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"Huh?" he asked wondering what she meant

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"He said I was pathetic while we were training. I couldn't climb and…" Rosaline bit her lip, to keep from crying.

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