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Roleplay Only!

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Catelyn stood in the training room, she pulls her long white hair back into a fluffy ponytail. Her large ears turn and shift, listening to sounds. She gets into stance as a human sized robot comes out with reusable targets on its lean frame.

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The robot leaps forward and Catelyn's blue eyes turn to slits as she blinks, her nails turn to claws, her tail lashes. She jumps over the robot, slashing the target on the top and back of its head. The girl lands on all fours, her pawed feet slide a bit on the smooth floor as she hisses her ears turn back in aggression.

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She stands quickly, as the robot comes running towards her. Catelyn swings her leg and trips the bot, she slashes the other targets on the robot. A loud recording echos in the room, "MISSION COMPLETE" the recording called out. Catelyn smiles as her eyes return to normal, and her nails shorten.

Maja (The Moonlight Reader) (majalovesreading) Myakka strode in and pressed a button on a panel in the wall. A holographic robot sprung to life and began attacking her with speed. But Myakka was quicker.

Maja (The Moonlight Reader) (majalovesreading) She dodged the robot several times before demolishing it with one quick swipe, using her sword.

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Catelyn watched the others her white tail, twitching from side to side. The teen sat on the floor crossing her legs and her tail curled neatly behind her.

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