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Aarja (groovythinker) | 40 comments Birth: 1480 in Portugal
Death: April 27, 1521 in Cebu, Philippines

• He discovered a passage from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean called Straits of Magellan.
• In September of 1519, he set sail to find another route to Eastern Asia.
• There were 270 men and five ships under his command.
• The Ships were called; The Trinidad, The Santiago, The Victoria, The Concepcion, and The San Antonio.
• They first sailed across the Atlantic to the Canary Islands. From there they sailed South to Brazil and the coast South America.
• Soon he found the passage he was seeking. He called it the All Saints' Channel.
• He found a new ocean on the other side of the new world, and called it Pacifico, meaning peaceful.
• On the other side of South America, the ships sailed for China.
• There were only three ships left, as the Santiago had sunk, and the San Antonio had disappeared.
• Magellan thought that it would take only a few days to cross the Pacific Ocean, but it took four months till they reached Mariana Islands.
• He grew up in a Wealthy family and served as a page in the Royal Court.
• He wanted to explore another route, but The King of Portugal disagreed.
• He went to King Charles V of Spain, who agreed to fund the Voyage.
• He was travelling on the Ship Victoria.
• Mutiny – As they sailed south, they didn't have enough resources, and they weather was bad and cold.
• Some sailors tried to steal some of the Ships, but Magellan got the leaders executed.
• After stocking supplies, they headed to Philippines.
• Magellan became involved in arguments with the local tribes, and he, along with 40 of his men, died in battle.



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Aarja (groovythinker) | 40 comments These are my notes on Ferdinand Magellan's Journey of circumnavigating the world. They are not in a specific order, but oh well :)

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