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message 1: by Krishna (new)

Krishna | 171 comments Mod

Quantum computer is a real thing in today’s world. We all know that companies and governments across the world are investing a lot in this area. Recently Indian Government has allocated 8000 crore rupees for quantum computing over the next 5 years. Needless to say many corporate giants are also attached to this field.
So what is it about and how to start learning about it?
So basically, some fundamental concepts of quantum mechanics are used here, so it’s better to know them.
1. Principle of superposition
2. Wave particle duality
3. Quantum entanglement
4. Bloch sphere
These are the fundamental concepts, once you will start learning, more and more other concepts will also emerge.
One thing, for easy understanding of the superposition principle, one can check the famous Schrodinger’s cat experiment.
Then comes the technical stuffs! So basically there are few segments –
1. Qubits- basic building blocks of quantum computers, can exist in 2 states simultaneously. Main types of qubits on which research is going on are-
• Nuclear magnetic resonance qubits
• Ion traps
• Superconducting qubits
• Silicon or CMOS based qubits
2. Quantum algorithms- there are many algorithms on this, some are mentioned and you can start with these
• Shor’s algorithm
• Grover’s algorithm
• Quantum counting algorithm
3. Quantum cryptography- this is based on polarisation of photons, but before studying about quantum cryptography, basic understanding of cryptography, of public keys and how present structure works is advised.
Quantum computers have enormous potential and if explored more, the world can change. So it was my understanding on how one should proceed while diving into this area.

message 2: by Krishna (new)

Krishna | 171 comments Mod
IBM has released a series of tutorials for learning it's quantum programming language QISKIT

you can find them here

message 3: by Krishna (new)

Krishna | 171 comments Mod
One of the best things about quantum computing is true randomness can be achieved by it. Classical systems are pseudo randoms, that is they produce randomness based on some algorithm, but with QC, the story is different

check this article on simulating a quantum dice

message 4: by Krishna (new)

Krishna | 171 comments Mod
Dancing with Qubits How quantum computing works and how it can change the world by Robert S. Sutor

message 5: by Krishna (new)

Krishna | 171 comments Mod

this is where you start if anyone want to learn quantum computing, it contains all tutorials, resources, open projects and even a mentorship program

message 6: by Rumell (new)

Rumell Khan (rkrespectedmember) | 61 comments

Quantum computing that blows your mind

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