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Favorite and Least Favorite book cover changes?

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elise is in archenland (the_elusive_elise) | 122 comments Mod

Shatter Me
This Savage Song (I love the violin scroll detail on the new ones!)
Harry Potter (Brian Selznick's illustrations are really good, but I kind of still like the originals)
Paper Towns
Alex Rider (usually I don't like covers with photos on them, but these just show the action packed nature of the stories so well)
The Lunar Chronicles

Least Favorite:

The neon Hunger Games covers...just...why would you do that?
The Diviners (please just stick to one cover for once...preferably the first one)

message 2: by JainaGranger (new)

JainaGranger | 50 comments I agree with the Lunar Chronicles one. They new style just didn’t feel necessary. I really liked that it incorporated actual moments from the book, and the color schemes were gorgeous, but the art style is just a little off putting. Also, if they wanted to go for a drawing style, you’d think they’d make it more similar to the graphic novels, just for continuity.
(Off Topic)
Also TLC would work better as cartoon series rather than a live-action movie.

I like the new Wingfeather Saga covers, they look really cool and match the style of the cartoon pilot. (Which I would also absolutely love if it were launched). But at the same time I liked the “old book” vibe of the original covers, and just that I already ordered the first two books in the old style, but I can’t get the last two, so now the covers won’t ever match.

Rant over, thank you.

message 3: by Kaylee (new)

Kaylee Yes Elise I totally agree what was the purpose of the neon Hunger Games- the originals were just fine the way they were

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