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Black: The Birth of Evil (The Circle, #1)
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message 1: by Trisha, Buddy Reads (new)

Trisha (trishabisen) | 2275 comments This thread is to discuss Black: The Birth of Evil, the first book in the The Circle Series by Ted Dekker.

Pages: 432 pages

Length: 1 Month (October)

Participants: SarahKat, Dikshita.

Everyone reads at their own pace during a Buddy Read. Because participants can be at different parts of the book at different times, it is extremely important to mark spoilers so that the book is not ruined for someone who is not as far along as others!!!

Mark spoilers by placing {spoiler} before the text and {/spoiler} after the text but use the < and > instead of the { and }.

Happy Buddy Reading!

message 2: by SarahKat, Buddy Reads (new)

SarahKat | 3159 comments Hey Dikshita, I know you were busy the last few months. Are you back and going to read this with me? :)

I own this so I can start whenever

Michelle (spookiieej) | 313 comments I really want to read this book as well (it has been recommended by a friend), but I'll have to see if I can make it in time in October, since I'm behind on my reads from September and uni has started, which reduces my reading time a lot. If I find time, might I join in? If you decide to read it another month, please let me know! I haven't planned past October yet :)

message 4: by SarahKat, Buddy Reads (new)

SarahKat | 3159 comments Sure Michelle! I haven't seen Diskhita around in a while so just let me know when/if you want to start! Like I said above, I own this so I can start whenever. I just want to finish the trilogy before 2021 :)

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