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2020 > October 2020: Thrills and Chills Bingo

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GSR Teens | 16 comments Mod
Use this space to rave (or rant) about the books you read for October's Thrills and Chills Bingo Challenge!

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GSR Teens | 16 comments Mod
The Beautiful Ugh. Meh. A vampire book with brutal killings? Set in New Orleans? At the Ursuline convent? Yes, please! I was so here for this premise, and I HATE the way it's written. I read The Wrath and the Dawn and liked it, but this felt sooo melodramatic and just...overwrought.

And on the audiobook, the parts from the bad guy's POV were AWFUL. I had to fight to keep myself from fast-forwarding through those parts. Such a shame--especially because I liked the characters.

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GSR Teens | 16 comments Mod
A Deadly Education I LOVED Uprooted and Spinning Silver. They're both adult fantasies with fairy tale-vibes, so I wasn't sure how I'd feel about a Naomi Novik writing a school-set YA book. But it was so much fun! I doubt it's going to be GOAT-tier, but I really enjoyed the nonstop monsters and magic, and I loved Galadriel's character. It felt like Harry Potter meets Welcome to Night Vale. (If anyone has a better reference than WTNV, let me know. I feel like that one's getting dated.)

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GSR Teens | 16 comments Mod
Through the Woods Creepy, surprisingly disturbing graphic novel that's perfect for fans of really dark fairy tales.

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GSR Teens | 16 comments Mod
The Terrible Axe-Man of New Orleans If you haven't heard of the Axe-Man of New Orleans, then you should read this graphic novel. It really feels like a true crime account that hasn't been too sensationalized, and he's a legend in New Orleans.

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