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message 1: by Mel (new)

Mel Hart | 4 comments I'm looking for Cold War era romance books where the hero is a Russian KGB officer.

I prefer the hero to be current KGB rather than ex-KGB.

The heroine doesn't have to be a spy herself, although that'd be great. But preferably, she's American or British, so that their love is "forbidden".

I'm not looking for books where the heroine is KGB and the hero is American or British.

I prefer it if the book contains love scenes. They can be very steamy, even explicit. Erotic romances are also okay.

Some of the books with KGB heroes that I found, read and love are:
The Tamarind Seed by Evelyn Anthony
Never Say Goodbye by Suzanne Carey
Flight Of The Raven by Rebecca York 
Message from Absalom by Anne Armstrong Thompson
The Nutcracker Prince by Rebecca Winters

Or, alternately, the book can be contemporary and the hero can be Russian FSB or SVR, which are successors of the KGB. Or he can be ex-KGB.

I really like:
Red Heat by Nina Bruhn
The Russian Seduction by Nikki Navarre
The Russian Temptation by Nikki Navarre 

But I'm looking for KGB heroes set during the Cold War more.

message 2: by terence Leahy (new)

terence Leahy | 1 comments You may want to try
Child 44 by I believe Tom Smith

message 3: by Mel (new)

Mel Hart | 4 comments terence Leahy wrote: "You may want to try
Child 44 by I believe Tom Smith"

Thanks. Sounds interesting. Does it contain romance?

message 4: by Caro (new)

Caro | 13 comments The nutcracker prince by Rebecca winters

message 5: by Caro (new)

Caro | 13 comments Never say goodbye by Suzanne Carey

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