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Ayla Asher | 21 comments * Illusions Unveiled
* Ayla Asher
* Publication date: 10/27/20
* Format - eBook
* Description
Sometimes you squander all your second chances…

Peter Stratford fell in love at seven years old with the only woman who would ever claim his heart. But Carrie represented Ardor Creek, the town Peter detested. Determined to make something of himself in New York City, he leaves her behind, breaking both their hearts.

Carrie Longwood accepted that Peter would never love her enough to stay. Embracing her inner strength, she married another and had her precious boys before her messy divorce. Alone in Ardor Creek, she builds her life around her small family unit.

When Peter returns to Ardor Creek, battered and broken from addiction, he begins to heal, knowing Carrie will never forgive him. But Carrie kept her own secrets and, whether they’re ready or not, all of their illusions will be unveiled…

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Ayla Asher | 21 comments Thank you!

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