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message 1: by N.P. (new)

N.P. Cooper (npcooper) | 5 comments Title - The Dark Tempest (Book 1 of The Destroyer's Wrath)
* Author name - N. P. Cooper
* ISBN 978-0-6488510-0-4 (or ASIN) B08JVBZ588
* Publisher - N. P. Cooper
* Publication date - 15 November 2020
* Format - ebook (paperback to be added in sync with end of pre-order timeline)
* Description - In the wake of Archmage Heramiir’s treason, King Erian has little choice but to order the largest conscription in Jeranon’s history. But can he reunify his lands before the brooding nations to the west realise their internal disarray? To fail would see Jeranon’s already severed lines of defence shatter, overwhelmed by nightmarish creatures from beyond the Dark Iron Mountains, and the horrific powers directing them.
The words of a strange oracle may offer a path forward, but with its origins lost to antiquity, assuming the ancient construct has Jeranon’s best interests at heart may prove a fatal mistake. Given the staggering consequences of failure, Jayden and Wyll must decide whether to blindly follow the oracle’s path, or discard its words as untrustworthy, risking Jeranon’s entire future on their ability to come up with another solution. But will the actions of two ordinary men be enough to steady the course of a world gone mad?
Or will their lack of faith seal its fate instead?

The Dark Tempest is the first book in an epic new series by fantasy author N. P. Cooper
* Page count (N/A, print version 686 pages)
Link -

message 2: by Javier (new)

Javier (palchetti) | 8613 comments The book is in the database already.
I added the description provided.

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