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Danielle Hill (daniellehill) | 10 comments Hi,

Please could you add my book to the database?

Book Link:

Title: Untouchable
Author Name: Danielle Hill
Publisher: Myself
Publication Date: October 9th 2020
Format: Kindle
Page Count: n/a


Riley Mason met the love of her life at eight years old… she just didn’t know it yet. Scratch that: she didn’t even like the guy.

Maddox ‘Reno’ Renner, the resident King of Claremont High. Dark, brooding, arrogant… you get it. Riley knows she can’t give Reno an inch. She tries to pretend she doesn’t feel anything for him, but she can’t deny he’s the kind of gorgeous no girl is immune to, the kind of guy a girl could lose her mind over—if she isn’t careful.

Riley has zero intentions of being so reckless with her heart. Falling for a guy like Reno isn’t an option. But when Reno sets his sights on her, Riley realizes just how far she's already fallen.

Just as Riley begins to lower her guard, tragedy drives a wedge between them, creating a wasteland littered with obstacles determined to keep them apart.

When Reno needs her most, Riley will have to fight to reach the boy who’s always held her heart. But this might be one fight she can’t win.

Because Reno’s heart… has always been untouchable.

Thank you :)

message 3: by Danielle (new)

Danielle Hill (daniellehill) | 10 comments Thank you!

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