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Tiffany Breyne | 450 comments Did you listen or read? How did that shape your reading experience?

Lauren (theabelabelabel) | 9 comments I listened to the audiobook and felt like I was fully immersed in Noemi's experience. I got a better feel for the tone of the book because of how well Moreno-Garcia describes the environment around the characters.

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Diana La Cazadora (strawberrykiss) | 195 comments I did a combo of listening to it and reading the e-book version. I think the mix worked out well for me since I found the narrator distracting and needed my own mind's voice sometimes. I think I'll try more books both audio and e-version when I can!

Becca Boland | 922 comments Mod
I listened to it as well. I really liked it and I thought that the mood was well set. I have heard some people found the narration distracting so I think doing a mix of ebook and audio is a great idea!

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Andrew | 498 comments Print for me. I'm just not an audiobook kind of person. Laura used to love them.

Cary (carys14) | 139 comments I listened as well. I did find the narration a bit off-putting at times (I think it was the uplift at the end of each phrasing) but mostly only noticed it during the long descriptive sections. When the story picked up and when there was more dialogue I noticed it less. Overall though it was well done. I listen to almost everything I “read” so a narrator has to be REALLY bad to really affect my enjoyment of the story.

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Stephanie | 12 comments Print but if I like a book I keep it in mind for audio later, especially if read by the author

Tiffany Breyne | 450 comments I listened as well, and while the narrator did a great job, I think reading the physical book would have been an entirely different experience. Reading about fungus moving on the walls or creepy cemeteries and such may have felt made it harder for me to sleep at night!

Also, Becca found that the publisher of the book, Random House, created a playlist of music curated by Moreno-Garcia. Perfect background music for reading! Here's the link:

Grace I listened, audio books are just easier during the week. I think I world have found it spookier to read a regular book before bed though.

Becca Boland | 922 comments Mod
@Grace - I definitely read most of this book during the day!

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