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Taught by Professor Spade.

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"Hello, Mrs. Spade I'm here!" says Loralei.

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“Hello, Ms. Spade!” Aoife walks into the room.

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"What are we learning today?"

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Loralei sits as far from Aoife as possible.

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"It's your class."

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"Well, we don't know the material, and what you learn in History of Magic, so maybe you should teach us."

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"Umm," she thinks quickly "The centaur treaty of 1300."

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Varsha  (varshaisaavidreader) "Hello, Mrs. Spade sorry I am a little late," says Elisha

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Paige came here and organized their desk. How they were going to manage this AND run the library, they had no idea.

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SilverSparkle (sparklingsilver) | 132 comments Mod
Shanelle walks into the History of Magic classroom, bored. She plopped down on the seat and took her stuff out, waiting for anything fun to happen.

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Paige scrambled through their sheets of paper, looking for the attendance.

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Paige left to go spy on people in the library. They liked to watch people interact. "Jeez how am I managing to creep out MYSELF?!" "You're just doing what you normally do, of course its creepy." "Gee thanks."

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