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The Warning on the Window (Judy Bolton Mysteries, #20)
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William Land (williamland) | 1252 comments Mod
Chapter 3: A Ghostly Warning

Suspecting that there has been an explosion, Peter, Judy, and Roberta rush out of Joe’s Diner. Some of the new houses have been damaged by dynamite, and Peter wonders if that was what the caller was warning him about. The three return to the building office that was empty earlier to find that it is still vacant. Peter calls Arthur and receiving no answer, decides to look around the housing development while Judy and Roberta wait in the office. Seeing a radio, Roberta turns it on to listen to an early morning children’s program. Thinking about the recent developments, Judy decides that someone is trying to prevent Roulsville from being rebuilt. Seeing a door, Judy enters it to find a small kitchenette with a coffeepot that has been on for a long time. Hearing a tap at the window, Judy turns to see a shadowy figure outside and a warning on the window saying YOU WILL BE NEXT.

Nice atmosphere in this chapter with Judy being nervous after hearing the noise of the coffee perking and not knowing what it was and Roberta listening to her radio program. Lately I have been reading a book that had this quote about literature and it was so pertinent. “It (meaning literature) puts us on the scene and makes us participants in the action. It gets us involved with characters about whose destiny we are made to care.”

Dr. Bolton’s comment in chapter 3 that “but there’s little hope of Roulsville being rebuilt” struck me as interesting given the task of rebuilding New Orleans. Of course the there are more resources available today.

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Faye Kisker | 408 comments That is an excellent description of a good story,Beverly. Thanks for telling us about it.

Not only the way New Orleans was built ( I believe this summary is shortly after Katrina) I think Dr Bolton's comment is surprising considering that Arthur is already building a large development of homes and other buildings have been going in. Perhaps it is pessimism from someone who lost so much, not only his home but his sense of community. The devastation caused by the wildfires in the west has erased whole communities. I keep thinking how it would be to have your town, your neighbors, everything you were familiar with and love just gone one day. It is very frightening.

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