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T.L. L Stride (tlstride) | 4 comments I've been a GoodReads user for a while, but I've finally joined the Author program. "So Much at Stake" is my first offering as a Good Reads author, and I could really use some help getting reviews of the book.

"So Much at Stake" is the first book in the "Shaman Tales- The Chronicles of Little Hawk" YA Fantasy series.
While recovering from a vicious roadside attack, he believes left his parents dead, David “Little Hawk” Lightfoot discovers they have been turned into vampires and vows to hunt down the one who took them. When he learns his parents and the monster have fled to New Orleans, he is determined to follow them. Unable to deter him from this course, two members of the Tribal Council volunteer to assist him. In preparation of their trip, David's grandfather, a very powerful shaman, conducts a ritual of protection over them and reveals David is destined to replace him as shaman of their tribe. Armed with only the protection of the ritual, a bag of stakes and holy water, and slowly emerging shaman abilities, can David and his companions find and destroy the monster who claimed his parents; and if necessary, can he find the strength to save them from the terrible fate that has befallen them?

"So Much at Stake" is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in e-book and paperback formats (also available in hardcover on Barnes & Noble only).

Watch for Spirit Path (Shaman Tales- The Chronicles of Little Hawk , Book 2) to be added to the GoodReads database soon! It is also available on AMZ and B&N.

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T.L. L Stride (tlstride) | 4 comments I received an email from goodreads that Melanie had messaged regarding a review. There is no message in my box and I cannpt find the email. If you ar she, please message me again. Thank you.

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