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˙• a∂a •˙  (painmakesushuman) A huge room with a queen’s size bed and a large walk in closet. Two bookshelves take up some of the room, while three chairs around a coffee table are against a wall. A hidden door leads to a servants hall, in which Kathika uses to escape the castle, servants no longer use the dusty halls. A big window lights the room with sunlight.

Kathika walked in and collapsed on the bed, kicking off her heels and undoing her hair so it lay around her face like a halo.

˙• a∂a •˙  (painmakesushuman) Kathika woke up, her eyes blurring on the sudden light. She jerked up and hurried to pull on her heels, already hopping out the door. She finished strapping on her her high heels and walked straight for the throne room.

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