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*knock knock* "Hello, is anybody here?"

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A tiny, skinny blonde girl with a limp came in. "So, just as a get-to-know-you present, I'm going to everyone's room to see if they want me to make them a dress. You don't have to say yes if you don't want me to, but... anyway, I'm Brielle, Brielle Abernathy. I'm in room seventeen. And you are?"

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"Okay! Nice to meet you, Enola. And I wouldn't be offering if I didn't want to, anyway, would you like it blue because you're a water elemental? It can be another color if you'd prefer."

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"What do you mean, help me? And I have four more questions, and then you can get rid of me.
First, light blue, medium blue, or dark blue?
Second off, short, medium, or long length?
Poofy skirt, train skirt, or NOTA?
And finally, what kind of decorations would you like on it: sparkles, bows, ribbons, etc. or NOTA?"

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"Okay, I'll do that, and you can help if you want, but don't feel pressured to. I mean, sure it is kind of a daunting task, but I really like sewing! But how about to start off, we just make each other a dress?"

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"Um, maybe some kind of short, pink and white dress with sparkles?" she blushed. "So, how many are you thinking you want to do? Do you want to do half? A quarter? You can choose whatever you want, I won't get overworked"

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"Okay, so how about this? I can do
Room 2- Fire:Feu
Room 5- Life: Macy
Room 6- Death: Evangeline Rose Santos
Room 7- Water: Enola Green
Room 8- Fire:Amber Kaylee
Room 9- Earth: Rose Lakefal

and you can do
Room 12- Death:Layna
Room 13- Water: Maddison Vera
Room 14- Fire:Clara Lily
Room 16- Air:Jenni Kim
Room 17- Life:Brielle
Room 18- Death:Destiny
Does that sound okay?"

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"Um, whatever is fine, you can call me Bri, or elle, or brielle, or ella, or whatever you want really. What about you?"

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"Okay. And I'm fine with any nickname, but I prefer Brielle or Bri. But I'm fine with Elle or Ella."

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"Anyway, I better go see what the other people would like me to make. See you at dinner!" She limped out of the room.

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"Okay! See you!" (Sure, he's in la biblioteca)

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(first floor)

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Brielle knocked on Enola's door. "I finished your dress, and actually, I made two just in case you don't like one of them. Should I just leave them outside your door or can I come in and drop them off?"

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"Okay" Bri came in "So here are the two dresses I made"
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"So, what do you think?" Bri asked

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(Don't forget "")
"Thank you so much! I'm glad you like them!" Bri said

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