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Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments Yay!

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments No, I accidently rated that

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments I am comfortable with any. I am usually a fast reader. so you say

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments It's better if we set that manner we can discuss too and also we can read it efficiently

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments Sure!

p.s. where do you live?

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments Agreed

Aahana  ♥ I love this book! Hope you both like it too :)

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments Wow! Great! I live in India's not a holiday and I have class starting in next 4 hours and I really want to Japan!

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments Aahana wrote: "I love this book! Hope you both like it too :)"

I hope too. :)

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments I am done 54 pages! Wbu?

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments I'll tell you after my class ends which is in 20 mins.

message 12: by Bipasha (last edited Sep 21, 2020 12:42AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments This books is kind of interesting but not that much to the point that I would feel oh-my-gawd-I-can't-stop-reading but it can be also that after few more chaps it may get interesting and I'll just have to you get what I mean?
I loved the condition Jack is suffering from because I've heard and researched many diseases but never heard of "Face blindness"

What about you?

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments Agreed. So... you still wanna read it right?

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments I liked the part where Libby wrote a quote in her shoes just so she could face the life she'll be living in high school.

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments Haruka wrote: "Ya of course XD"

It's around 10 pm there right?

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments Around another 50-60 pages?
I can read more on Wednesdays since there are no classes.

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments I think we should do up to page 125 and then if we have more time then we can continue till page 162...sounds good?

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments Yep exactly what I was thinking!

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments hehe, on serious note are you okay with this? Because if not I surely can tell me as the way it is...

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments Okay, if you say so :)
I have these headaches due to my accident so when that happens I need to like lie down so yeah, which is why I have so less time to read and adjust my schedule, but I will find a way!

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments Nah, I am good with the reading...this girl's got to get back in track...
it really what is keeping me sane in my home now.

And about my accident....they don't really know the cure of what I had so my solution is kinda temporary and that's why it pains quite a lot even after it's been a year...but everything's cool now!

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments Random talk: I have only watched 4 anime movies....I really need suggestions! Do you watch them? (I think I am stupid I am asking this) *smacks her head*

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments I hope so too....

I have watched Kimi No Na Wa, Grave of the Fireflies, The Silent Voice, I want To Eat Your Pancreas

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments Sure, I would try those! Thanks <3

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments Good Afternoon. In which page are you in?

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments My classes just I will start now...I'm in page 97

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments Okay, so I just finished up to page 162 along with lil' bit of my studies! Wbu?

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments He sure as hell don't deserve Libby. We look for assurance for the thing we are insecure for, and maybe that's why Libby writes them so that she could stand up ever straighter and show the world what the world should she her as and not label her as.

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments Um, we can read up to Page 204 (for me) I think it's page 205 for you

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments Just finished my studies and I am halfway done. Will be completed in like an hour (maybe less)

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments Imma finish this in 15 mins!

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments What other books are you reading currently btw?

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments I AM DONE!!!

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments Haruka wrote: "Btw r u participating in the Quidditch Readathon?"
I am participating!

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments Haruka wrote: "I’m currently reading Holding Up the Universe (obviously lol), Clap When You Land, and We Are Okay. And i really want to read Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda and My Lady Jane soon. Hbu?"

I am reading Then She was Gone and then I want to start this novel I found in Pinterest (You have read them this year)

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments Haruka wrote: "Yayyy what did u think of it?"

I didn't like the way Dr. Klein was speaking to was so professional and for him it must have been hard to take in...and I guess Jack is right about Libby doing her own thing is far better than being in Damsels

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments How much should we read for tomorrow?

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments Okay then it is. Sure I can read to page 235 then if I have time then to 265! Sounds good to me.

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments Me too. I am quite not feeling well, but I am halfway I might as well complete it...

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments Yeah, I will be alright again by tomorrow don't worry.

Are you done? I finally completed...

message 41: by Bipasha (last edited Sep 24, 2020 05:04AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments Sure, finish up! You are almost done :)

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments How did you like it?

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments How much should we read for tomorrow?

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments Okay done! I can do that.

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments Haruka wrote: "i can’t believe Libby’s former ballet teacher said that. And it was about time Jack ditched his friends. Or maybe he didn’t and just got pissed at them"

I totally agree with this...

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments Oh my gosh sorry I couldn't tell you earlier, I had to go to hospital for a check up...but I have read till 332.

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments Haruka wrote: "I was thinking, what do u think the blue dots on the cover of the book is meant to represent? I mean, it should have to be somewhat related to the book. Or maybe it already explains but I skipped i..."

No, I'm pretty sure you didn't miss it...Idk what's the meaning of it too...and today maybe we can complete the book?

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments Haruka wrote: "I just realized ur book cover might be different from mine"

My book cover is the same as yours!

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments I still have class but yeah, I plan to finish it!

Bipasha (bipasham) | 114 comments I finished!

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