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Virtual Monday (9/21) Discussion Thread

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message 1: by Amy (new)

Amy Kanney | 1 comments Mod
Hi Everyone! This week, I want you to share out your current reads. Give us your book's title and author. Then, I want you to tell us what type of person you'd recommend that book to. In other words, what type of reader would love your book? Comment on at least 2 other people's posts.

Initial responses are due in by midnight Monday. Comments are due by Friday at noon.

I'll go first! I'm currently reading an adult ficition book called Anxious People. It is dark yet hilarious. The story is about a bank robber whose life is a joke. I love that the novel speaks directly to the reader using the word "you" often. I'd recommend this book to someone who likes a good mystery and life philosophies. It really makes you think about what motivates people and what life is really like vs. how we present ourselves to the world.

message 2: by Makaila (new)

Makaila | 1 comments I just got done reading this, but i was reading a book called ruthless by Carolyn lee Adams. It is a mystery and problem solving book. It is about a horse rider named ruth, who gets kidnapped, and tested past her ability's. Id recommend this book to someone who likes mysteries, and like to predict what will happen (i did that a lot). It makes you want to think if some decisions you make are the best ones, and how to pick the right ones. this book does show real life problems that some people might have gone through, showing us that even if were having an amazing day, someone else could be terrible.

message 3: by Haley (new)

Haley Hall | 1 comments Im currently reading Harry Potter and the
Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling! I think someone that likes fantasy, and magic books would like all of the Harry Potter books!!!!!!!!

message 4: by Andrew (new)

Andrew | 1 comments I'm currently reading True Diary

message 5: by Haley (new)

Haley Hogan | 1 comments Im reading maximum ride

message 6: by Mattie (new)

Mattie | 1 comments I´m currently reading Tower Of Dawn and Empire of Storms by: Sarah J. Maas. I like these books because they are both fairly long and are able to be tandem read to best understand the series and the events of the books.

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