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Looking for someone special

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If you are looking for someone special, please post this:
What what you want in your special someone:

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Name: Coco
Age: 16
Sexuality: Straight
What what you want in your special someone: They need to be nice, not ask personal question, NO sexting or nude ANYTHING, RP-ing is fine ig, they got to be funny, cute, dont mind ranting cause i do that a lot. Also please if the convo is awkward then i probably wont respond sorry. THEY HAVE TO BE 15-16 OR OLDER BUT ALSO UNDER 18.

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Shaqu | 1 comments Name :- Shaqeeb
Age:- 15
Sexuality:- male straight
What I want in my speacial someone:- They need to good , funny , cute , non-pervertish . Age 15 or 16 is fine . Finally if it works out I want them to be loyal and loving also caring ಥ‿ಥ

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Silver Wolf (shirubaurufu) Name: Audrey Anderson
Age: 10-14
Sexuality: Female Straight
What special person: A very very very best friend that lives close. JUST PM ME!!

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