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Days of Love and Blood
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Let's Buddy! - Horror/Thriller > Days of Love and Blood by R.S. Carter --> Starting October 5th, 2020

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A post-apocalyptic zombie book for women.

Without the zombies.

Worse than zombies.

The Demon Virus spreads worldwide in a matter of days leaving nothing but a few uninfected people in its path along with disease-riddled survivors who possess homicidal tendencies.

Carson drives across the country, back to her parents’ farm, with her son Ronan to begin a new life in a post-apocalyptic world. There she discovers more uninfected people like herself and attempts to build new relationships after the devastating loss of her husband.

Two men distract Carson from her grief, each possessing different characteristics that she found, loved and needed in her husband. Cooper has a bad attitude but gives Carson the space she needs with his self-sufficient, independent ways. Ben panders after her but exhibits a kindness she appreciates. Neither of them embody all of which she lost in her husband’s death.

The need for human interaction intertwines with the daily struggle of tribulation, remorse and adjustment, revolving around the constant battles between the uninfected and the last remaining homicidal maniacs. Days of Love and Blood is a story which examines the bonds created between people in times of change with an unexpected shocking end that will have you questioning your own threshold for pain.

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Trisha | 3315 comments 32%

Zombies(view spoiler)

Conner(view spoiler)

I'm liking it so far too!

Trisha | 3315 comments 50 %

Conner(view spoiler)

Cooper(view spoiler)

❀ Crystal ✿ -  PEACE ☮ LOVE ♥ BOOKS  (crystaldc18) | 3859 comments Trisha wrote: "50 %

Conner I agree, that was super crappy of them to not even tell her when she was bringing her own kid around and trusting him around these people.
and then to GUILT her like she's not already ..."

Your comments are bringing it all back. I'm curious to see your thoughts in the end though. (view spoiler)

Trisha | 3315 comments 81%

Cooper(view spoiler)

The guys(view spoiler)

Trisha | 3315 comments I'm done

Cooper(view spoiler)

The Scene(view spoiler)

End(view spoiler)

Yay! thanks for reading this one with me!

❀ Crystal ✿ -  PEACE ☮ LOVE ♥ BOOKS  (crystaldc18) | 3859 comments Trisha wrote: "I'm done

Cooper[spoilers removed]

The Scene I agree!!! It went downhill for me as soon as she just took all that from Cooper, even ran after him. Ugh!
But then to have those 2 guys grab her.....I..."

Anytime. This is a book perfect for a buddy cuz there's so much venting that needs to be done lol. Or at least there was for me. ;) (view spoiler)

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