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message 1: by Tony (new)

Tony Brunal | 4 comments All,

Would you like to read a new #scifi book? The King's Tower a #scifi #politiclathriller was just released. Please reach out to me on GR and we will arrange for a personal PDF or Mobi copy. All you have to do is provide an honest review on GR and one other on-line retailer.

The King's Tower - Ava Alexander has just discovered why they are performing so many HLA genotyping’s in her lab in the Yuma desert. She has followed the clues to a solar generation plant next to her facility and the underground sub-facility that hides a morbid secret. Ava is way over her head, but breaking protocol is the only way to be sure. What she finds will shock her. Her intuitions will lead her to a secret government program called The King’s Tower .
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message 2: by Julia (new)

Julia Goldhirsh (wanderingteacher) | 11 comments My Arthurian fantasy could use some reviews especially the audiobook.

If you'd like to review the audiobook version I still have a couple codes left:

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