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Book Issues > Hidden ASIN on ebook with ISBNs?

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message 1: by Antonomasia (last edited Sep 18, 2020 02:19AM) (new)

Antonomasia | 509 comments This might have come up before, but couldn't search effectively due to the search bug.

Can't enter the ASIN for a Kindle edition because it gives the error message "Asin is taken by an existing book with the title ...."
When searching the ASIN it goes to an ebook edition of the same title & cover, which is listed with an ISBN, and when you click on ASIN in the edit page, there isn't one hidden there.

Is there anything that can be done about this?
Is it a new issue?
I've seen redirects of ISBNs to ASINs when clicking through to Amazon, but not this way round on GR before.

B008LUVO1A belongs to (and/or its newer cover) but leads to

message 2: by Antonomasia (new)

Antonomasia | 509 comments Ah. I was just trying to sort it by temporarily removing the ISBNs from the ebook, and adding the ASIN to the Kindle. But then I found you'd just created a new Kindle edition with the new cover!

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