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message 1: by Anna Maria (new)

Anna Maria (annamariagr) | 1 comments Hello!

If you have a Fantasy, Sci-Fi, or Horror book and looking for reviews, I'll be more than happy to review it.

You can send me a message or comment down below. Please include the following info:
- Book title
- Genre
- Synopsis
- A Goodreads link

I prefer books in .mobi format but I'll take pdfs as well.

Many thanks,
Anna Maria

message 2: by Colleen (new)

Colleen Cowley (colleencowley) | 4 comments If you like romantic fantasy, you might enjoy Subversive, the first in a new trilogy.

Here's what it's about:

In an America controlled by wizards and 100 years behind on women’s rights, Beatrix Harper counts herself among the resistance—the Women’s League for the Prohibition of Magic. Then Peter Blackwell, the only wizard her town has ever produced, unexpectedly returns home and presses her into service as his assistant.

Beatrix fears he wants to undermine the League. His real purpose is far more dangerous for them both.

Happy to send you an ARC as a mobi if that's up your alley.

message 3: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Carlin | 5 comments Hi Anna Maria,

I'd love to get your honest review of The Pacifists. It's a lighthearted space opera, and I'd be happy to send you a .mobi if you're interested. Here is the blurb:

After a chance meeting between a fierce warrior and a conscientious objector from opposite sides of a galactic conflict, the two rival spaceship pilots conclude that war is as pointless as arguing with an Orthodox Tautologist. Together they form the Pacifists, a "militant anti-war group" consisting of a perpetual teenager whose species was created in a botched attempt to overcome the aging process; a big rig pilot and former orbital race champion; and a pair of prankster twin brothers.

Of course, battling two galactic armed forces at once is all well and good. It's when you gain the ire of the military industrial complex itself that things really start to go sideways.

If possible, I'm hoping to get some reviews on Smashwords. I'm pushing harder there than I am on Amazon, but any and all reviews are very much appreciated!

-Kevin Carlin

message 4: by Christian (new)

Christian Cura | 7 comments Hi Anna,

Would you like to review an urban fantasy? The title is Dreams of Thunder and the word count is 59k.

Synopsis: Magical outlaws roam free on the West Coast. The enforcers are stretched thin in their efforts to stem the tide of chaos. The Council headquarters is on the brink of assault and the lives of the Council members hang in the balance. At the center of it all, is Saba Qureshi, a woman scorned by the draconian measures of the Council. They executed her grandfather, and robbed her family of their status and fortune. Now Saba is coming for them, and she’s not alone…

Trigger Warning: Violence is somewhat graphic and prevalent throughout the story. There are also two brief scenes of intimacy between consenting adults and a reference to cheating.

This is the second book in a series, and I can provide the first upon request.

The release date is October 3rd. If you are interested, please contact me at with the subject line: 'Book Review.' Upon request, I can send you an ARC in mobi format. Thank you for considering my request, and I look forward to hearing from you.


message 5: by John (new)

John Coon | 20 comments Anna Maria wrote: "Hello!

If you have a Fantasy, Sci-Fi, or Horror book and looking for reviews, I'll be more than happy to review it.

You can send me a message or comment down below. Please include the following ..."

Hi Anna:

I'd love a review of my latest novel. It's a new release this month.

- Title: Alien People
- Genre: Science Fiction
- Synopsis: Calandra Menankar dreams of becoming her planet’s top astronomer. So when a probe from a place called Earth rockets into her solar system, she’s determined to uncover its secrets. Teaming up with her boyfriend pilot, Xttra Oogan, the two cross the stars towards the mysterious blue-green globe unaware one of their crew hides a sinister agenda. And when they translate the Earthian communications, Calandra and Xttra fear the probe may have led them into a deathtrap far from their home planet.
- Goodreads link: Alien People

if this interests you, message me and I'll send you a link where you can download your format of choice.


message 6: by Anna Maria (new)

Anna Maria (annamariagr) | 1 comments I have message everyone, thank you!

message 7: by Anna Maria (new)

Anna Maria (annamariagr) | 1 comments Christian wrote: "Hi Anna,

Would you like to review an urban fantasy? The title is Dreams of Thunder and the word count is 59k.

Synopsis: Magical outlaws roam free on the West Coast. The enforcers are stretched th..."

Hi Christian.
Is it possible to send me the Goodreads link of the book? It seems I can't find it.

message 8: by Martin (last edited Sep 19, 2020 06:58AM) (new)

Martin Owton | 95 comments Anna Maria wrote: "Hello!

If you have a Fantasy, Sci-Fi, or Horror book and looking for reviews, I'll be more than happy to review it.

You can send me a message or comment down below. Please include the following ..."

I have a non-epic adventure fantasy novel that I would like more reviews for: Exile

Aron of Darien, raised in exile after his homeland is conquered by a treacherous warlord, makes his way in the world on the strength of his wits and skill with a sword. Both are sorely tested when he is impressed into the service of the Earl of Nandor to rescue his heir from captivity in the fortress of Sarazan. The rescue goes awry. Aron and his companions are betrayed and must flee for their lives. Pursued by steel and magic, they find new friends and old enemies on the road that leads, after many turns, to the city of the High King. There Aron must face his father’s murderer before risking everything in a fight to the death with the deadliest swordsman in the kingdom.

I can supply the .mobi file if this sounds interesting

message 9: by E.A. (new)

E.A. Wicklund (eawicklund) | 5 comments I would like to offer to you, The Huralon Incident. It's a military space opera focused upon naval battles in space. It also includes a touch of romance and a dash of humor. Here's a synopsis:

-A captain desperate to redeem himself.

-Captain Evander McCray is a wily combat veteran, but when the pirate he is hunting for falls into his trap, the criminal commands a warship far more powerful than Intelligence predicted.

-A new high-tech ship, able to disappear from sensors, or change appearance at will.

-The pirate vessel is too tough to fight directly even for the stealthy ESS Springbok. Only McCray's maverick style and an insane, audacious plan can capture his quarry.

-An unwary planet, ripe for the picking.

-What McCray never expected is his plan will light the fuse on a political and military powder keg just waiting to explode at Huralon.

I'm happy to provide any format you would like.


message 10: by Andy (new)

Andy Kumpon (andykumpon) | 4 comments Hello Anna Maria, information below. Mobi copy provided upon request.

Title: Seeds of the Dead
Genre: Horror/Comedy

Blurb/Synopsis: When his evil superiors create a new strain of genetically modified food (GMO) that transforms ordinary people into ravenous, bloodthirsty zombies, a disillusioned scientist turns whistle-blower and becomes their next target....

Seeds Of The Dead is a story about a man at the crossroads, one which will, in turn, jeopardize the very fate of humankind. On one hand, this man supports the creation of GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) to help feed the vast population of the world. But to do so, he must align himself with a nefarious corporation and the corrupt elitists who control it.

Meet Peter Malik, a promising young scientist employed by the dubious Moonstar Foods INC. When Peter learns the treachery his corporation is set to unleash upon the unsuspecting masses, he threatens to expose their dark secret by turning whistleblower. The corporation retaliates, contaminating Peter’s hometown with infected food, and turns the people Peter loves most into flesh-eating zombies.

Can Peter save his hometown, his parents, and the woman he adores, plus warn the entire planet of the impending doom?

Thank you,


message 11: by Kayla (new)

Kayla Krantz (authorkaylakrantz) | 26 comments Anna Maria wrote: "Hello!

If you have a Fantasy, Sci-Fi, or Horror book and looking for reviews, I'll be more than happy to review it.

You can send me a message or comment down below. Please include the following ..."

Book Title: Dungeons and Demons Part Two (Part one is available upon request)
Genre: Horror, Suspense, Paranormal, YA,


Dungeons and Dragons has never been more immersive than it is with a demon playing Dungeon Master.

Halloween is a day of candy, tricks, and parties. For Shawn, Milo, and Jack, Halloween means a spooky game of Dungeons and Dragons. In the woods at the edge of town, they think they’ve found the perfect spot to start their game until estranged classmate, Rhys Rivera, finds them. Until now, he’s never spoken more than a handful of words to the trio. Out of guilt, they let him join in with the hope that he’ll leave soon after.

With Rhys as Dungeon Master, the boys don’t know what to expect, but it’s not long before their ruined evening turns to one of horror. Rhys has plans for them, and in the woods, no one can hear them scream.

Link to the boxset it's in: Soul's Day Boxset Horror and Paranormal Halloween Theme by Erin Lee

Thank you for the consideration!

message 12: by Novel (new)

Novel Cat | 20 comments Magic Doctor CEO Lady’s Humble Husband (Magic Doctor, #1) by Novel Cat
Hi, my new book Magic Doctor: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband is A Paranormal Action Romance, if you're interested in, feel free to CLICK HERE to GET FREE COPY. MOBI/EPUB are avaiable.

Fade Chen, a mysterious young man from Tianwu Mountain, he was a master of martial arts, and a doctor of excellent medical knowledge.
To improve his martial arts, Fade Chen went to the urban city to look for 7 precious things.
Accidentally, Fade Chen saved a beautiful CEO lady, Quin Lin in a bar. The latter then became his nominal wife and offered him a job in her company.
Fade Chen was underestimated by everyone including Quin Lin. Then his excellent medical knowledge and good faith gained him a good reputation. And Quin Lin’s affection for him was growing. But his enemies always caused trouble for him.
Would Fade Chen gain love and fame in the end?

message 13: by Dandy (new)

Dandy Taylor | 16 comments Anna Maria wrote: "Hello!

If you have a Fantasy, Sci-Fi, or Horror book and looking for reviews, I'll be more than happy to review it.

You can send me a message or comment down below. Please include the following ..."

Hi Anna Marie

Blue Moonstone is Young Adult Fantasy and I will be very happy to email you a copy to review.

Danni’s teenage life pretty much sucks. Panic attacks and phobias are a battle, but she knows there is a very good reason she’s afraid. If only she could remember what it is? Danni grew up on Harry Potter and Twilight, avidly reads fantasy novels, and feasts on Netflix. These are the best things in her life, everything else is a work in progress like controlling her anxiety. She doesn't fit in anywhere and suspects she might be adopted. Does everything have to be so hard? Adding to the frightmare, Danni moves to the city of Edinburgh in Scotland where the grey weather suits her grim mood.
She's so not impressed with her excusive new school even though it's housed in a castle like Hogwarts. It's just yawntastic school with no magic apart from James MacAbre. He confuses Danni by insisting on following her around. He loves Shakespeare, and all things military, and his speech is strange too. He persists in giving Danni weird salutes and vowing to protect her ‘til death, forever. Danni begins to suspect that James is not from this time. Although he has firmly friend zoned her, James still struggles with jealousy when Danni makes friends with Stewie. Stewie has his own secrets, but Danni is too completely swept up and fascinated by the drama surrounding James to pay attention. Danni is sure James must be more than human. When Danni searches for answers, James pushes back hard and warns she is endangering them both. But she is still determined to discover his secrets. James promises Danni he is not a vampire: nor a time traveller, nor anything she has ever heard of, but he's not a normal mortal so what is he?
Whatever else he is, Danni suspects James is a military hero. He sees his job as to protect Danni, and to fight for anyone who needs it. She is a pacifist who argues no civilised society should ever resort to war. His enemies are close? But that doesn’t mean they can’t be friends. Or does it? Why does everyone keep calling Danni ‘Rose’ and why does Rose MacAbre look like Danni? James won’t even kiss Danni, it's against his killjoy knights' code, is it because they are related? Faced with mortal danger Danni hides under the bed and has no plans to come out anytime soon. James needs Danni’s help more than she ever imagined in her worst frightmare, but things lurch from bad to worse. Danni hopes Stewie will be clever enough help her to solve a centuries old mystery, but the odds are not good.
Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Fiction, Romance, Edinburgh City, Scotland, Present day.

message 14: by Rene (new)

Rene DeFazio (tamaraveitchrenedefazio) | 32 comments Hello Anna Maria,
We know you are probably getting a lot of responses and we would like to humbly throw our names into the hat, as it were. We have an exciting Epic Fantasy Fiction Book for you to consider reviewing. The Emissary by Tamara Veitch & Rene DeFazio won the Gold Medal for Best Visionary Fiction from Readers Favorites 2019 and is Book 1 of The One Great Year Series. The series has also been optioned for film/television development. The second book in the series The Emerald Tablet won the Bronze Medal. Here is the synopsis-
When the world collapses from a Golden Age into one of chaos and strife, mankind’s salvation lies in the hands of eternal Emissaries — guardians chosen to protect the secrets of a sacred, ancient civilization and to guide humanity back to enlightenment even as its darkest hour approaches…
A timeless tale of love reborn through the ages.
Marcus has past life memory, and his soulmate Theron does not, but the two lovers are bound by an eternal and unshakable bond. As a series of catastrophic events nearly destroys their world, the two along with a chosen few become Emissaries destined, over the course of 13,000 years and through many reincarnations, to lead humanity into an era of peace and prosperity as foretold by the Elders of their race. But the forces of evil have taken possession of one man, Helghul, who relentlessly pursues Marcus and Theron through time, determined to destroy them and ruin all hope for salvation.
The Emissary, Book I in The One Great Year Series, tracks Marcus’s epic adventure across centuries of human civilization to present day, where envoys of darkness gather around them threatening to bury the life-giving secrets of Atitala forever.
Good and evil come to blows and the future of mankind hangs in the balance.

“For every soul there is a theme, a path that must be followed, lessons that must be learned…”

Here is the Book Trailers and the Goodreads and Amazon links for The Emissary.

We hope to hear from you,
Tamara Veitch and Rene DeFazio

message 15: by Claire (new)

Claire Wells (cewells) | 11 comments Anna Maria wrote: "Hello!

If you have a Fantasy, Sci-Fi, or Horror book and looking for reviews, I'll be more than happy to review it.

You can send me a message or comment down below. Please include the following ..."

Hi! I have a YA fantasy with magic and a touch of time travel:

Sixty-eight years ago, the Brotherhood of Light came to power. Now, in 2091, Anya lives under the rule of the Lightborn. For years, these men have abused their power, changing the weather and altering animals for their own entertainment. But they’ve taken it too far. The world is dying because of their reckless use of magic. Though they try to hide it, these dark spots on the earth will soon seep out, leaving decay and destruction in their wake. Anya has remained hidden, her power a great secret she holds close. But she knows about the decay and feels a responsibility to do something. When she is captured by the Brotherhood, she is left with no choice but to help them. But her power is greater than they could ever imagine. Will Anya find the help she needs in the future? Can she make it back in time to stop the inevitable?

YA Fantasy


message 16: by Anna Maria (new)

Anna Maria (annamariagr) | 1 comments Thank you for your responses. I'll massege everyone I'm interested in their book soon.

message 17: by Victoria (new)

Victoria Liiv (victorialiiv) | 8 comments Hii,

I have a fantasy book you might be interested in :)
Through Hell & Highwater (Through Hell and Highwater, #1) by Victoria Liiv

Through Hell & Highwater
In university Volo Noscere, located in Rome, where new academic year brings forth alot of new challenges and questions. When the world becomes increasingly unpredictable, are the humans reason for it all, or is there more to it?

Evyline and Lisanna believe there must be magic behind the changes. Tylon doesn't care about what doesn't affect him and RocTar just wants to make it through the year without failing class.

Like it or not, they get pulled into discovering what the world has in store for them.

message 18: by S. (new)

S. Niter (s_niter) | 4 comments Hello, I am a new author who just released a new novel with a "unique writing style". The book is in a new fictional universe which I have been outlining for quite some time, its known as Amazement Eras (AE), which falls under the genres of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Time-Travel, Action-Thriller and furthermore genres in the future. Hope this "unique writing style" I have adapted does bring in more interest towards my book, the writing style is described down below along with the summary of the novel. Also, this novel is filled with unique and intrinsic characters such as a girl with rainbow pastel hair as shown on the front cover of my book.

My new book is called Amazement Eras Phase 1: Timemaster Era: Beginning of a new universe!.

The unique writing style as described includes "sub storylines", "dated continuity synchronized" and even "character profiles" at the end of the book. Each sub storyline has its own unique set of characters, setting and lore taking place, with other sub storylines acknowledging its existence within the same universe. The dated continuity synchronized feature is what I have tried to implement, meaning every single chapter in the novel has a day, month and year specified right at the beginning (with even some chapters having the hour and minute specified too). The dated continuity for each chapter helps illustrate the cleanliness and smoothness of fictional continuity within the AE universe timeline respectively. The character profiles at the end of the book (which I recommend reading after finishing the book itself), illustrates the age, blood type, height, birthplace and other parameters of the characters, to help give the readers an idea of how old the characters are in which chapters specifically. Also to give readers a better understanding of what each character represents in the AE universe respectively. This is a new writing style I have implemented, not sure if you would be interested it in it.

But the furthermore entries of the AE universe will contain YA, historical fiction, horror, suspense, romance, classical and many others. Each book represents its own "era", meaning one era could focus on sci-fi, another one on classical, fantasy, horror, etc. This novel, the first one in my Amazement Eras Series comprises of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action-Thriller mainly.

Aiden Alves along with his friends in secondary school within Allentown, Pennsylvania are chosen by the primordial cosmic entity to battle evil on Earth. The space trance sequence dream selector identified Aiden’s team for their sincerity necessary to prevail over the 30th century AI invader Timemaster, the prismatic fourth dimension polychromatic Infrared and the human geomorphic Oddball. Timemaster travels back in time to the present with the intent to influence future events. Guided by Jay and Jack from the 30th century, the team must battle against AI militants under the control of Timemaster. Challenges come along the way for the team including the use of their powers and abilities, whether they can move on with an abnormal life or not. Will these teens, selected for their honesty, deepest desires and attitude to power, be able to save the world under attack from a technologically avant-garde invasion from the 30th century?

35+ Chapters with Dated Continuity! 9+ Preeminent Characters. 4 Storylines. 1 Era. 1 Book.

And yes, my novel is available in paperback and kindle edition both! Let me know if you are still interested in a copy of the book in mobi, docx, pdf, etc.

Available on (.ca,, etc);

message 19: by Leonardo (new)

Leonardo Adriel | 11 comments Hello. I have a novel called Leon Dekar and the Sky Garden. It's High Fantasy for all ages.
Blurb:Leon’s brother, Valcrist, disappeared some years ago. So when Leon starts dreaming of his long-gone brother, he knows the dreams hold some significance… but will he discover what it all means before it’s too late?
With his girlfriend and a small group, Leon and his party strike out in search of truth. They encounter fantastic beasts, traverse intensely beautiful landscapes, and fight heroic battles.
All the while, Leon’s dreams continue to warn him that something is coming. Along his journey, he’s going to have to fight his fears, find the hero within himself, and become what—and who—he’s destined to be. Will he discover his strength before it’s too late? Can he save himself and his friends? Will he find all the answers in time to save his friends, himself, and the world?

I don't have a link in GoodReads now, my account has been getting buggy and it's unavailable at the moment, but here's a link to amazon if it helps:

If you need a copy please ask, thanks.

message 20: by Mark (new)

Mark Campbell | 15 comments Hi Anna Maria

My horror novel 'The Lady in Red' is a book I think you might like. It is a supernatural novel set in the south east of England in two distinct time periods: the 1830s and the modern day. The story begins with two bodysnatchers or grave robbers who wish to 'lend a helping hand to death' so they resort to murder in order to increase the supply of corpses they can offer up to a waiting surgeon. He requires them to find remedies for deadly diseases. Later in the book one of these bodysnatchers returns as a ghost to cause more mayhem. There is then a battle between good and evil until the novel's gripping conclusion. You can find my profile page on Goodreads here: I hope you will be interested in reviewing my book.

Best wishes


message 21: by James (last edited Apr 10, 2021 07:02AM) (new)

James Fox | 16 comments Hi Anna Maria,

Thank you for your interest in SciFi! I've included the requested details down below, as well as a link to request a review copy.

- Revolution (The Sol Saga Book 1)
- Sci-Fi Thriller
- War is good for business... And business is about to boom.

General Keith Brennan would rather face an army with his trusty rifle than attend another state dinner. When the President of the solar system is assassinated on Mars, Brennan is the obvious choice to investigate. If he comes up with the wrong answer, though, his career will be over.

However, duty is never so simple. When the investigation uncovers a trail of corruption and a conspiracy on a system-wide scale, Brennan’s career is the least of his worries.

With Earth and Mars on the brink of a shooting war and forces behind the scenes determined to push them over the edge, only Marine General Keith Brennan can stop the slaughter before it’s too late. Unless, of course, it already is…

Revolution is the first in a new gritty sci-fi saga with enemies at every turn. Grab your rifle, pick your side, and join the revolution now!


Let me know if you have any interest, questions, or concerns.


message 22: by Ferran (new)

Ferran Plana | 23 comments Anna Maria wrote: "Hello!

If you have a Fantasy, Sci-Fi, or Horror book and looking for reviews, I'll be more than happy to review it.

You can send me a message or comment down below. Please include the following ..."

Hi Anna Maria,
I published my first short story collection a few weeks ago. It includes a diverse range of genres such as contemporary fiction, magical realism and sci-fi.
Amazon link:

If you are interested in reading it I can send you a copy.

The Fabric Over The Moon: 28 short stories from unlikely heroes
The Fabric Over The Moon 28 short stories from unlikely heroes by Ferran Plana

All the best,

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