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message 1: by Keira Wilson (new)

Keira Wilson (keira_wilson216) | 31 comments The Originals is a spin-off of the show The Vampire Diaries that is based solely on the Mikaelson family.
Favorite character?
Favorite episode?
Favorite season?

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Is it bad that I love TVD, but I am still on Season 7 of the original show?

message 3: by tay (new)

tay (taylor reads) (taylorangelina) @Paige lol no! the show is so good even before knowing the end you know.

message 4: by Bean (new)

Bean | 10 comments Omgggg I absolutely loved tvd, wanted to rewatch it the minute I finished, but I was like no let’s what the originals first, but I’m literally struggling to get thru season 1 so I caved and am back to tvd

message 5: by Shifa (new)

Shifa (blackpetal) | 58 comments i have rewatched this show so many time. Fun fact I never watched TVD

message 6: by Shifa (new)

Shifa (blackpetal) | 58 comments also Legacies is terrible

message 7: by Caitlin (new)

Caitlin | 256 comments I watched legacies the first season wasn’t that bad but I do have to agree it went down hill from the first season, hope is so annoying and she hasn’t even activated her vampire side.

message 8: by Caitlin (new)

Caitlin | 256 comments I really liked klaus he’s honestly my favourite.

message 9: by ~ Jessie ~ (new)

~ Jessie ~ | 8 comments hiii, just wondering if its worth it watching legacies? I liked TVD and TO so idk lol

message 10: by Divya (new)

Divya (divyasreemanikandan) | 413 comments My Favoutite Characters would be Klaus and Elijah obviously. But Hailey's good too. I really loved Kathrine though, but she doesn't show up in The Originals much.

message 11: by A.Akhtar (new)

A.Akhtar | 44 comments My favourite characters are Kol, Elijah and Klaus.

message 12: by Caroline (new)

Caroline (goodreadscomuser_cf) | 13 comments I like both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. It's a shame that Legacies lacked good writers to really give that show justice as it HAD potential to really shine but fell flat sadly, but hey, if pplz liked it cool, I prefer TVD/TO for its superior story-building and character plots/growth.

Favorite character? Katherine/Katerina (the show wouldn't be the same without her!), Damon, Elizabeth Forbes, Bonnie and I miss S1-3 Elena, and then she started to annoy me lol

Favorite episode? God that's hard!! 2x15 "The Dinner Party" was such an intense episode! Loved the standoff between Elena and Elijah! of course I have more fave eps but I'm going with that one!

Favorite season? The best seasons were S1-3 for me!

Favorite character? Dahlia!! For someone who only appeared in one season, her actions caused Esther's and Mikael's actions for the entirety of the series before we even knew it! I was so annoyed she was easily killed off, I would've loved for Claudia Black to stick around longer!

Other fave characters: Freya, Elijah and Klaus.

Favorite episode? So many great ones!! For me it's a tie between Ashes To Ashes (S2x22) and From A Cradle To A Grave (S1x22)

Favorite season? Easily Season 1 and 2 are the best seasons, S3 was ok, I loved Aurora and Lucien, S4 was meh (The Hollow being a power-hungry spoilt brat) and S5 was so so.

message 13: by Charley (new)

Charley van der Salm (realcharley) | 4 comments Favorite characters: Klaus, Hayley, Rebekah - Favorite episode/season: idk, I don't remember that shit lmao I pnl remember the scenes, no idea when exactly they occurred

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