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message 1: by Lorraine (new)

Lorraine (seteach) | 121 comments Would someone please switch my review of Who’s Haunting the White House

to the same book with the cover?
When I searched for it, the book did not appear. Thus, I added it.

message 2: by Scott (new)

Scott | 22117 comments I'm not sure what these two books have to do with each other (the first one doesn't have any reviews) but if you want to move from one edition to the other go to the target edition and click "switch to this edition."

message 3: by Lorraine (new)

Lorraine (seteach) | 121 comments These two books are the same book. When I went to write my review, the book according to GR was not listed so I added w/o a cover. I just did what you told me to do & my review is now missing. Is there anyway to get the review I wrote back so it will be with the book w/ the cover or am I going to have to write another? There were 6 likes on my review.I

message 4: by Scott (new)

Scott | 22117 comments One of the links you posted above is for a completely different book than the one we are talking about.

Your review is not missing, it is right here:

Now that I see the empty edition I have set it to merge and your review will be transferred to the default edition, which has a cover.

message 5: by Lorraine (new)

Lorraine (seteach) | 121 comments Thank you, Scott!

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