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˙• a∂a •˙  (painmakesushuman) Here you can request a job!

Alden’s Jobs:

Queens second and almost constant companion:

Princesses Second and almost constant companion:



Queen’s and Princess’s bodyguards:

Cafe runners:
Deigo S. Livingston-Moreno, Olivia LaFormia

Queen’s Personal Maid and Confident:

Princess’s Personal Maid and Confident:

Clothes shop owner:

Fancy restaurant owner:

Bakery owner:

Maids for Wealthy Familys:
Olivia La Formia

Casual restaurant owner:

I will post new ones if things come up. You can also put in a sheet of jobs for your country here to see if anyone would like the jobs.

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ | 90 comments Mod
can i have queen companion?

˙• a∂a •˙  (painmakesushuman) I’ll think about I will any job with that high of a rank....(lol)

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