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message 1: by Aisha (new)

Aisha Jain over here you can share ideas you have for this group and what all we can do in this group.

message 2: by amia (new)

amia (makevocaloidgreatagain) topics where we can discuss our favorite fantasy books?

_thebibliognost (the_bibilognost) | 19 comments Aisha, maybe you can make a poll for the group to select their favorite Author. You can select the Authors from the favorite books provided in the introduction maybe?

message 4: by Aisha (new)

Aisha Jain Vaishanvi, There is already a discussion where we share our favorite authors.

_thebibliognost (the_bibilognost) | 19 comments Oh..ok, got it. Another idea, maybe you could create a topic where people can share some of the quotes they've read, along with the book name. (Already shared in Normal Chat)

message 6: by Aisha (new)

Aisha Jain Will do.

message 7: by Anna (new)

Anna | 24 comments maybe we could have a discussion to recommend media adaptions of books and talk about new movies/tv-shows coming out based on books, usually fans of the books are the best to hear from about the adaptions bc we all want the same things out of the adaptions lol

message 8: by Aisha (new)

Aisha Jain Sure. Will create a discussion for it.

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