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Lord of the Flies > Ralph and Jack: one represents savagery and the other civilisation. Which is which? How do you know?

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Daniel Crosbie (cb_bpc) | 19 comments Mod
This is for after you have read Chapter 3. The words savagery and civilisation are opposites. 'Savagery' refers to wildness and lack of order.

message 2: by TIozzi (new)

TIozzi | 19 comments Ralph represents civilisation as he still has hope that they might all be rescued. However, Jack represents savagery as all he can think of is killing the pig.

message 3: by Jackson (new)

Jackson | 18 comments Ralph seems more of a Savagery type of person because he is very hands on and active whereas Jack seems to be more of a posh person who is used to world in a city or town.

message 4: by Ella (new) - added it

Ella | 20 comments I think Ralph is civilised because he wants to focus on being rescued and building huts. On the other hand, Jack wants to kill the pig which represents savagery.

message 5: by Leiam (new) - added it

Leiam Giouzepos | 20 comments I think Ralph is more civilised because he is focused on completing his goals unlike Jack who is more shows more savagery by wanting to hunt.

message 6: by Ayden (new)

Ayden Diaz | 14 comments Ralph is the civilised one because he wants to build shelter whilst jack is more interested in killing the pig because he wants meat.

message 7: by Marlee (new)

Marlee Wright | 16 comments Ralph represents the civilisation because he believes someone will save them and he wants to stay more organized. Where-as with Jack he represents savagery because all he wants to do is kill pigs and not be organized.

message 8: by Alfie (new)

Alfie | 12 comments Ralph represents civilisation, as he orders meetings and tries to keep order, with his actions being made with the group's survival and escape in mind. Jack represents savagery, as he spends his time hunting pigs and neglecting all other (more important) duties.

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