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Why "NACL" as part of the title?

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E. Sands Because, dear readers, the book was born of salt and so Salt is what it was named. :) Allegra and I are quite sarcastic, and we chose to stick with that personality trait through the entire creation and publication of this piece.

Allegra Pescatore Going into more detail: while we originally named it NACL because we wrote it while quite salty about something, salt became the core pillar of the world of Fortune. It is what defines all facets of life, and the source of all the problems that the characters face. It is, as it were, the thing that brings the crew of the Sahima's Legacy together, and the reason their enemies have power. As such, there would be no story without salt, and we therefore chose to make that part of the title.

Also, a note to the chemistry lovers out there; yes, we know it's spelled NaCl. We are careful to use the correct spelling within the text, but typography ate chemistry when it came time for title design, so we apologize greatly to those who, like us, flinch each time they see the all caps :)

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