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message 1: by Dan (last edited Sep 14, 2020 04:14PM) (new)

Dan So, before I change our masthead at the end of the month, does anyone know what film it's taken from?

message 2: by Dan (last edited Sep 29, 2020 09:32PM) (new)

Dan Okay, since no one took a shot at the quiz, I'll just provide the answer. It's Jane Greer and Robert Mitchum from the noir film Out of the Past (1947). The film is based on the novel Build My Gallows High by Geoffrey Homes, a pseudonym for Daniel Mainwaring. Both (the film and the novel) are something we may wish to consider viewing/reading.

Jane Greer is really striking in that shot, isn't she? Look again fast, because in 24 hours the masthead changes.

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