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Post #2: Write down a sentence that uses one of the literary elements from your list. Explain why the author might have used this element.

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Hyclak Hyclak | 2 comments Mod
"As always, their uniforms look like flame, flickering between red and orange, and their eyes glitter behind fearsome black masks" (60).
The author, Victoria Aveyard, uses simile to contrast the color of the guards' uniforms with the darkness of their masks. By using the comparison of a flame, which is "flickering," she gives the uniform a sense of life and warmth. Then she states that there is a black mask, but doesn’t use a metaphor do describe it any further.

message 2: by Sierra (new)

Sierra Remer | 2 comments "It came all at once and in a furious torrent, like God was mad and wanted to flood us" (Green 67). John Green used a simile to portray the rain that was coming. It was all after Alaska's death, Miles and Colonel were still grieving but were becoming happy again. Then the rain came, and I believe John Green was trying to say they were becoming happy again and the world got mad at them, so it made them sad again from all the rain.

message 3: by Madison (new)

Madison | 2 comments "I blinked a couple times and looked up at the Colonel, who was standing between the couch and the coffee table, holding his well-worn, once white tennis shoes by the laced. (page 31). The author is trying to really describe the character because they are all so different and I feel like it is going to be important later in the book that we know what the characters look like.

message 4: by Zaid (new)

Zaid Graoui | 2 comments "They call me cross nasty because of how deadly my crossover is,I always get made fun of for it even my mom made made fun of me saying 'they call you nasty cause of how nasty that room of yours is'
The author personally showed me imagery because it reminded me of something my mom says to me as a joke so I related to it and put and image of what was going on and referenced it as my mom in my head.

message 5: by Jenna (new)

Jenna | 2 comments "I take three steps and I'm inside the room. Its okay. Small, probably the same size as a standard prion cell and painted brilliant white. There is a thin mattress and grey blanket on the floor," (Preston 71).
The author used imagery that way we could imagine what the room looks like based on all the details about the room. The room is one of the main places where actions take place therefore its important that we can understand what the room looks like. That way we understand the things that take place and the characters feelings and actions in that room.

message 6: by Katherine (new)

Katherine Chagas | 2 comments "She did not look into the living room as she passed, but she thought she heard the strangled sound of Prince Kai dying in Pearl's game," (Meyer, 134). The author uses dramatic irony in this quote because it talks about that Cinder thought she heard Kai dying, but in reality, we know that Prince Kai in his castle doing his duties as prince.v

message 7: by Christian (new)

Christian Broadstone | 2 comments "At its center stood a life-size sculpture of a Bathing Venus, who, fittingly, seemed to be glancing nervously over her shoulder. (pg. 155)" The author used the appositives to better describe the sculpture that stood in the middle of the room, to kind of distract us from the event that is going on in the story.

message 8: by Jaime (new)

Jaime | 2 comments “Sleeping Beauty is about trying to prevent the unpreventable.(pg. 26)” The author used an oxymoron to describe sleeping beauty.

message 9: by Cassidy (new)

Cassidy Weiher | 2 comments "I put a smile back on, bigger than ever, and started waving.(pg. 73)" The author used mood to show how the main character was feeling.

message 10: by Chase (new)

Chase Fuller | 2 comments ''At the time not a soul in sleeping Holcomb heard them - four shotgun blasts that, all told, ended six human lives"(Capote 5). THis is warning the reader of what is to come and it also shows how tragic it would be.

message 11: by Jeffrey (new)

Jeffrey Spurlock (jeffreyspurlock) | 2 comments "You sound like one of those cheap spy movies" (King 97) The author is comparing the man a character, Mr Crockett, is talking to and is comparing him to a old cheap spy movie because of how mysterious he is being.

message 12: by Adrian (new)

Adrian Kendle | 2 comments "Weighing twenty-two tons, with twin tail fins, thick, short, swept-back wings, two enormous engines, and a long rocket like nose with ending with a radar needle, the MIG-25 reminded Belenko of a great steel bird of pray, dark grey and angry," (Barron, 14). The author is using personification and imagery of the Soviet fighter jet to help the reader imagine what the plane looked like and also convey the feeling of danger the character felt when looking at the plane.

message 13: by Aidan (new)

Aidan (aidan_lewis) | 2 comments "Ok it was like getting blood out of a stone." (17) The author convase to us about how hard it is to make 1 of the characters talk. they show the reader this by using a simile . trying to get blood out of a tone is incredibly tough wich gives the read an idea of how hard itwas to mke the other character talk.

message 14: by Mathhew (new)

Mathhew Ball | 2 comments "It was a good plan, but when we got there, i could not stop thinking about what I had seen" the author used this to show how much feelings guzzos had to dweyers brother.

message 15: by Esteban (new)

Esteban Nuanes (enuanes2) | 1 comments "Well, I'm just scared sick by all of it. What's anyone supposed to think? I mean, the police are all over this Renard fella, but what if he didn't do it?" (30) The author used this to show that there are other possibilities and leaves the reader to think about the case just like the detective.

message 16: by Trevor (new)

Trevor Cranfill | 2 comments "I was crushed. And not because of basketball tryouts. To me that outcome was another symptom of something else I'd been feeling". The author is going through an internal conflict.

message 17: by Youlyisseiss'S (new)

Youlyisseiss'S | 2 comments "I turn around and face a beast that must be forty feet tall, broad shouldered, with red eyes and horns twenty feet in length. Drool falls from its long, sharp teeth. It lets out a roar." See here he could have been way more descriptive or had a fun time with describing this beast in a true literary way but instead he kind of uses basic descriptions of how it looks, and then weakly uses slight description words instead of going to good detail, I think a good author for detail would be the writer of Farenheit 451. Anyhow he could have described the eyes but like the main character he doesn't want to stand out.

message 18: by Sean (new)

Sean Mercer | 3 comments "David faced himself in the mirror. He examined his white hair, the stained clothes in his hands, the filthy bathroom" (61). The author, Lex Thomas, explains the setting and their lifestyle, what they're living in.

message 19: by Darius (new)

Darius Wilson | 1 comments " I am doing something about it. I am making a new world" The antagonist Jeanine Matthews leader of the Erudite was planning to overthrow the faction system and become the supreme ruler. I think the author used this element because there will always be bad people who try to stop progression that good people are trying to make.

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