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Sara (sarasreadingnook) | 101 comments Mod
Hello Top Shelfers!

We are so happy to have you as part of the Top Shelf Society book club! Each month we pick a new book club selection. We encourage your engagement in several ways.


To vote for our next book club pick, please make sure to check out our polls near the beginning/at the end of each month. Each month, the hosts suggest book titles and we will post a poll for each candidate on our platforms:
- Goodreads Polls
- Twitter
- Instagram

Social Media Links:

We will also send a reminder email once a post is live; however, if you are a new member, please make sure to check to see if there are any outstanding polls left to vote on. To vote, please only vote once on either our Goodreads, Twitter, or Instagram polls.

We will then count up the number of votes from all platforms (this is why it's so important to vote only once). And we will then update our platforms with the next book club selection!


Each month, the hosts will post new discussion topics related to our bookclub selection. These can range from general book club selections to specific topic. Please ensure that you are using SPOILER alerts before divulging any potential spoilers as a courtesy to all members. We highly encourage you to engage in the discussions as they are the exact reason why having a book club is so valuable!


Each month we have a live show scheduled on Youtube where we discuss the book of the month. Our current hosts are: Kristin, Sara, Angela, Stephanie, Laura and Ysenia. These live shows are so much fun and we encourage you to check them out! We treasure your participation and engagement!

We will post on our social media platforms exactly where and when the live shows will occur. Historically, they have all been hosted on Kristin's (aka Perks of a Bookflower's) YouTube channel at the end of the months (Saturdays, typically) and we will update you all if there are any changes to this.

Check out our live show playlist:


All of our book club selections are featured on our BOOKSHELF on our Goodreads page. We encourage you to check out all titles to see if you are interested in adding them to your own TBR.


Our live show and any other potential events are posted on our Goodreads page as well as all social media platforms. If you would like to join us and would like to know where and when to meet us, please check out the EVENTS page to see what the TSS is up to!


Tag us on instagram if you would like to be tagged and reposted to our instagram stories and feed!

For show highlights that are particularly fun, we will post them onto our Instagram reels where you can watch them at your leisure. Our live shows are a lot of fun, and some of our past tangents have involved a miriad of various food-related inside jokes! Curd is the word.

Thank you for being a Top Shelfer and joining us!

The Top Shelf Society

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Rocio (rocioharrison) | 2 comments Voted! And thank you so much 😊

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Sara (sarasreadingnook) | 101 comments Mod
Thank you so much, Rocio!

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