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Rules for this challenge:
- you cannot use a house crest, robe, or image from the movies, fan art, etc.
- this is not pulling an aesthetic from the Internet; you have to create your own

other than that, it's the same as an outfit challenge! If you don't know what an aesthetic image is, just look up "Ravenclaw Aesthetic" or something and you should get the gist of it. Send me the link if you need help adding an image, and PM me with any questions.

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Also if your house is Slytherin please don't make a Slytherin aesthetic

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OOoooh that's beautiful

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thank youuuu

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rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection) description

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that's amazing!

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Wow that's great

Sophie ~HP & Hamilton Lover~ (sophierae) Gorgeous! (both of them :))

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WOW and WOW!

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