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Book Issues > My book is on another profile, how can I add the book to my profile?

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message 1: by Dulce (new)

Dulce | 1 comments The book wich I'm an author is in another profile, can you change it? Thank you.

message 2: by Suzi (new)

Suzi | 8670 comments 1. You have a user profile.

2. You can claim this by going to the author profile page here:

scroll down and click on the link that says is this you?

3. There is already an author with the same name.

4. Goodreads disambiguates between authors of the same name by using spaces between the author's first and last name.

5. Your author profile has 2 spaces: Dulce^^Pires, where the ^ equals a space.

6. When publications are automatically imported from Amazon or other sources, the "handshake' between Goodreads and the other source do not recognize multiple spaces, so the work goes to the default 1 space profile.

7. You can post in this forum to have it moved, or you can add the book with the 2 spaces between your first and last name before publication.

8. When you ask for assistance, it is helpful to include that your author profile has 2 spaces

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