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Secret # 7 Have you ever loved someone you shouldn’t have?

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How did Houdini and Jack London, the two most famous men of their era in 1915 fall in love with the same woman, Charmian Kittredge London?
Houdini was a world-renown magician and escape artist, performing for the Tsar, the German Chancellor and US president and theaters across Europe and America.
Jack London's stories, Call of the Wild, Sea Wolf, Valley of the Moon, Martin's Eden, and others were serialized in the newspapers every day. He was the best selling author, writing 50 books in 15 years, an impossible task, if it weren't for his editor, typist and muse, Charmian London.
So why did they fall for Charmian? She was a thoroughly modern woman, not a prissy Victorian. She had been raised on FREE LOVE, and worked her way through Mills College, as the presidents assistant. Despite that fact that athleticism was frowned upon for women, Charmian was a champion horsewoman, swimmer and sailor. She skippered the 43 foot ketch with Jack from San Francisco to Hawaii, the Samoan Islands and on the Australia. Charmain was the first to read and review Jack London's first book, Son of a Wolf, and recognize the talent he had. She helped him with 50 more!
The London's had an equal relationship and deep and passionate love. Then WHY and WHEN did she have an affair with Houdini? And Houdini was happily married to Bess. Why was he drawn to Charmian?


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Amanda (drpowell) | 376 comments Someone I shouldn't have? Probably not. Maybe? That is a tough one!

Dyana | 189 comments Puppy love got in the way of my true love to begin with. I’m glad I saw the light. I doubt Charmain loved Houdini the same way she did London. Besides London seemed to neglect her when she wanted him. That was confusing to me.

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