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Nia Sinjorina (niasinjorina) | 4 comments A thread for posting Kindle books that are free for a short time only.

Please delete once the offer is over.

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Nia Sinjorina (niasinjorina) | 4 comments In 2020, as Armageddon approaches, the Narrators of the Folion begin their final task, the telling of the tale of the human race. Deep within the Earth,one of their number is occupied with the most honoured of tasks, relating the life of the woman who will come to be known as Our Lady, she who saves even as she destroys. Starting ten years before, as a proud and arrogant humanity commands its domain, three girls toil in the classrooms of a remote Cumbrian town, all wishing for a more exciting life, totally unaware of the chaos to come..

Join the journey for free on Kindle, Saturday, 13th September only.

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