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▸the fire nation bazaar is a large, open-air market, suitable for selling or purchasing a variety of top-quality fire nation trinkets including top-knot rings, headgear, eye-patches, jewelry, and food, among other wares.


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The spires of smoke rose as Feng passed the stalls, the smell of food attacking her constantly. Amidst the crowd, she was at ease, finally, blending in with the locals as she inhaled the authentic scent of dumplings and buns, along with the tingling hint of spices.

Her long red hair flowed casually down her back as her sharp eyes scanned the crowd, still alert though she wasn't on duty. As always, she radiated an aura of confidence, as well as a hidden rebellious streak, buried deep within her soft eyes. No one knew but this girl was hiding an immensely dangerous secret as she wandered the winding streets of the fire nation.

All around her, people jostled her around as they shouted greetings to each other, the spirit of the nation burning bright even here. She cringed inwardly at their raucous chatter. Not that she despised the noise, no, she hated their cheerfulness with passion. Hell, haven't they heard about the raging wars, all caused by their beloved firelord? Haven't they heard of the massive destruction, the crazily high mortality rate? Yet, here they were, sipping tea blissfully, their fingers as steady as ever, weaving colorful tapestries as if everything was fine. Feng fumed at the normality of everything.

In her graceful stride, she passed yet another crowd, her eyes raking over the sea of people, familiar and unfamiliar alike. It was then until a flash of bright red caught her attention.

She almost smiled despite her annoyance. There, proud and poised in her uniform, her friend stood, every air of a warrior instilled in her grim smile. She was every speck the soldier for the fire nation. Every molecule in her was screaming her loyalty towards her precious nation.


She almost shouted in a moment of impulsiveness. But her name lingered on her lips, feeling so wrong. She almost felt the guilt, the doubt of her secret weighing her down. How could she face the consequences if she was found out? How could she tell Nomi the significance of her goal?

The answer was no.

And so she forced a smile as their eyes met. Nomi's radiant and bright, hers hesitant yet sincere.

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Nomi enjoyed being caught up in all of the thrills at the Bazaar. Where others felt there was too much movement, too much emotion, and too much going on, she felt nothing but joy and appreciation. Something about the chattering bodies and never-ending sea of red all in one concentrated space brightened her day. And perhaps it was just because she loved feeling all that energy. It was evident that many people felt nothing but love for their nation, nothing but pride knowing they lived in the greatest state of the greatest nation.

And Nomi couldn't help but agree. For it was true. The Fire Nation was at it's absolute best. And it was only more pleasing to know that things would only get better.

Anyways, what brought her into the marketplace today was an interest in a new headpiece. She usually wore her long hair in a sort of, half up and half down scenario, and although she loved it, she felt as though her look had been severely lacking lately.

Which was why she had bought arm cuffs. And if we're being honest here, she was heavily debating getting some jewelry as well.

Twirling a bright red lock of hair in between her fingers, Nomi eyed the table before her, mulling over each piece she encountered. Her arm cuffs were bright gold, and so she felt it would be appropriate to want to get a matching headpiece.

In the midst of all the serious decision making, Nomi felt a sudden urge to look around. It took a bit of turning her head, but finally, she managed to lift her gaze, and immediately she was rewarded. It was none other than Feng, her friend.

A bright smile appeared on Nomi's face instantly, closely followed by an overly large wave that screamed HELLO! IT'S WONDERFUL TO SEE YOU!!! Continuing to smile, she beckoned her friend over, knowing that her opinion would be vital to her issue.

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Feng smiled despite her discomfort. Nomi wouldn't know. She told herself firmly before an identical grin splashed aceoss her face. With the people around her forgotten, the buzzes of chatter dulled to barely audible hums, Feng could only focus on the red-haired girl a few steps away. It was as if Nomi had successfully outshone everyone in proximity with her infectious smile.

Slowly, Feng pushed through the crowd, ignoring the impatient hisses and hushes of annoyance rippling through the people as she elbowed them away. It had been so long... and Feng couldn't deny that she kind of missed having Nomi's energy by her side.

Her eyes still fixed on Nomi, she couldn't help but realize how radiant her friend was amidst the sea of figures. Her hair glowed under the sun, the ferocious red even more catching as if her head was on fire. Unlike Feng, Nomi absolutely adored her hair and its natural fieriness, the spirit of patriotism splashing boldly across the streaks.

I'm destined to be here, Feng. Nomi had told her proudly.

Now, it seemed that Nomi hadn't lost any of her positivity as Feng embraced her with a little too much of enthusiasm. Her laugh echoed in Feng's ears, musical and soothing.

"Oh my god, Nomi, I love your arm cuffs!!" Feng blurted out, though this was probably not the most appropriate greeting. Yet, she couldn't care less.

"Come on, let's go shopping!" She pulled her to a stall, glittering with golden headpieces, as if reading her mind. In front of them, red and gold blurred together in a phantasmagoria of colors, each one of them fighting to show off their beauty. Feng smiled as their gazes met.

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Watching Feng make her way through the tufts of bodies in her direction, their eye contact not once faltering, actually managed to fluster Nomi. She broke her gaze not too long after, glancing back at the table of trinkets. She nervously picked at her hair, tucking pieces behind her ear as she wondered what would be an appropriate greeting.

Evidently, this was unnecessary as when she turned to see Feng in front of her, she was met with so much emotion she couldn't help but laugh with joy. Hugging Feng back, she tried to take a mental picture. It was the exact hug everyone dreamed of, warm and comforting.

Nomi smiled down at her cuffs before posing for her friend. "Do you actually? I'm trying to spice up my look, I was feeling a little bland..." She barely had to wait for a response before Feng pulled her--was she touching her arm? Did they always touch this much? Surely Nomi would remember if they were always this on top of each other. Although it wasn't the 'on top' Nomi daydreamt about but, it was still a lot.

The stall glittered in their presence, and Nomi seriously thought about squealing. But she was trying to keep her cool in front of Feng, so instead she just sort of gasp-squealed "Wow!" and smiled brightly at all the bright accessories around them before meeting Feng's gaze.

"You look pretty today. Not that, you never do. You always look pretty. But today you look, um, especially pretty...." Nomi's face threatened to match her hair as she fumbled for her words, a nervous giggle escaping her lips before she suddenly snapped her sight back to Feng, in complete seriousness.

"Do you think gold is going to clash with my hair?"

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rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection) | 116 comments

Feng shook her head as Nomi blushed.

"Nah, pretty isn't my word." She rolled her eyes. "Just look at you... you've changed so much!" The image of Nomi she remembered was one who had wished her luck, the one whose face bore happiness, hope and even playfulness. Yet, this girl in front of her had an air of maturity around her. Barely weeks had passed, the victory of the fire nation seemed to have sharpened her loyalty to the nation. It seemed that she would be more than willing to give everything to the firelord. Feng feared this determined new warrior more than anything. What if she wasn't the girl Feng had remembered? What if she had changed until she no longer treated Feng as her best friend, her confidante? What if they drift apart over time, her rebelling against the firelord and Nomi staring daggers at her on the other side? The thoughts filled Feng quickly, threatening to pull her under the currents of fear.

Nonetheless, the sweet innocent girl she had been peeked out slightly behind Nomi's bright red face. Feng stilled her thumping heart and wondered what made Nomi blush so much. Did she do anything wrong? Shrugging the thought away, she shook her head firmly.

"Gold would definitely spice you up." She plucked two exquisite headpieces out from the pile, examining them as she scrutinized Nomi's face.

Even behind the headpiece, Feng could see the glinting eyes that held so much life and promise in them. Nomi looked exactly like a regal princess with the headpiece, the only thing lacking was the cold indifference princesses often wear. Oh yes, and the calculating gaze.

No, Nomi wasn't going to be a good princess in reality but in Feng's world, she would be the best one ever.

Smiling, she held up the headpiece for her friend to see. "You look nice in this."

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Pretty actually wasn't the perfect word for Feng. Not by a longshot. Sure, she was pretty, but she was also beautiful and powerful. She radiated confidence and was somehow so nonchalant. And this was just what the common passerby would see. To Nomi? Well, she was absolutely intoxicating.

Nomi nodded in response to Feng's agreement that gold would spice her up, her mouth still catching up to her nerves of her previous little pretty rant. She stared out to Feng as she debated headpieces for her, wondering if she felt anything close to what she felt when she looked at her. She hoped her deep dark eyes would act like ember and start something between them, sparks flying.

Nomi took the headpiece without hesitation, trying it on for good measure. She tilted her head from side to side, waiting to see if it would budge--there was no way she was buying something that wouldn't be able to keep up with her, especially when she got in her hyper energy moods.

She took a few steps away from Feng, and spoke out "Be honest," She paused as she began to turn to face her, "Do I actually look nice?"

If Nomi was being especially honest, she already knew that she probably looked fine. It was a headpiece for crying out loud, not an Anti-Fire Nation Banner. But hey, a girl just wanted to see for herself if there was a chance that hey maybe the girl she liked thought she was cute.

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Nomi literally shone.

All around her, the people dulled to a mere blur, the only clarity in front of her was the girl pulsing with regality. Feng nodded appreciatively at her choice. Nomi wasn't only beautiful, she was perfect.

"You're awesome, as always."

The words left her mouth as if they had been there, fighting to escape all the time. Feng shook her head inwardly. What was there to worry? It was the absolute truth. It wasn't as if Nomi was anything other than amazing. Yet, the words sounded queer. As if they couldn't fully convey Nomi's absolute beauty, embellished by the sparkling headpiece.

"Speaking of which, let me pay for you." She grabbed the headpiece firmly from her friend's hands, a warm pulse racing down her hand as they made contact. Warm and hypnotizing. But mixed with another element. Fear. The gentle brush of Nomi's hands against hers made her skin tingle as raw emotions seized her.

Don't be stupid. That's just Nomi.

Feng chided herself mentally yet the memories of her mother's last moments echoed in her mind, the rough pushes of the guards reverberating in the cavernous space of her thoughts. One touch. It was funny how one brief contact could do so much to her.

She could hear her screams as a girl, clearly and agonizing. The clank of metal and the steady thump of the feet of the guards. The crisp commands to restrain her....

She was drowning, giving in to the pull of memories that seized her hard. She couldn't escape, couldn't breathe as her mother's ashen gray face haunted her, making her whimper inwardly...


Nomi's musical voice pulled her out of her trance and she raised her eyes, trying to calm down. No one could ever know, no one could ever guess she was losing her sanity. Not even Nomi.

Feng pulled out the coins hastily and handed them to the seller, masking her moment of unease with forced cheeriness.

"Is that enough? And yeah, keep the change please." She said, trying not to ramble.

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