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Abandoned Building

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message 1: by kylee (new)

kylee | 0 comments Near the edge of the forest is an abandoned building covered in graffiti. No one really knows who used to live there but there are stories. Stories of a witch. Not a real one of course, a fake one, but she still was killed. People come here to hang with friends, destroy property, and other such stuff.

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kylee | 0 comments Pete walked into the building, his music echoing through the empty rooms. He hoped no one else would be inside, and he breathed a sigh of relief when he is wish was granted.

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((You made two abandoned buildings...))

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kylee | 0 comments (not on purpose. could a mod delete the other one?)

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As Peyton ventured through the woods they came across an abandoned building, think that it would be an interesting place to explore, Peyton went inside it.

geoflame || inactive :( (ummmmmmmmmmm) | 214 comments ((everyone loves ruining pete's day))

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((Yeah I'm sure I will))

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Peyton tilted their head when they heard music coming from inside, they decided to follow it. Maybe it would lead to another person or witch.

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kylee | 0 comments Pete didn’t notice the person walking in as he moved deeper into the building, passing graffiti, some his, some not.

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Peyton marveled at the graffiti surrounding them, the colors were amazing. They were tempted to do some of their own, but decided better of it and continued further.

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kylee | 0 comments Pete walked into one of the rooms. It used to be a living room, the old crumbling couch there to prove it. He plopped down on it, the layer of dust that should be there gone. Someone must have been there recently, then.

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"What beautiful artwork," Peyton spoke loudly.'
They wondered what motivated some of the more intricate artwork. The less intricate being either foul language ore not colorful enough for Peyton to care.

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kylee | 0 comments Pete heard a voice and groaned. “I swear to god if it’s those two guys from the cliff..”

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Peyton passed a few doors and entered the room that the music seemed to be coming from. Inside they found a boy sitting on a raggedy couch.
"Hello," Peyton said sweetly, bright smile in full force.

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kylee | 0 comments Pete stayed silent, eyes shifting to the person then away and out the broken window.

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Peyton stood awkwardly in the doorway.
They spoke again, "What music are you listening to? It sounds very good."
Peyton looked in the direction the boy was unsure of what was so interesting,

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kylee | 0 comments “The Oozes. They’re a new british punk band,” Pete responded.
(Real band! look them up! they have two songs out and they’re so good)

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((can someone tell me how to delete a group? I don't want to delete this one I want to delete a group that has been inactive for SEVEN YEARS))

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"Oh, I might have to download some of their songs." They smiled.
Peyton was confused by the boy's somewhat cold attitude. They could tell something was wrong.

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kylee | 0 comments Pete pulled out his phone, responding to a friends text.
(sorry, he’s just a very cold person!)

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((Yeah. Peyton expects everyone to be open and friendly because they came from a family like that))
Peyton moved further into the room. They tried to see what the text was, but in using their magic the phone shattered and Peyton stepped backward surprised by her own failure to control their magic. ((The phone doesn't have to if you don't want....))

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kylee | 0 comments (i think the screen will crack slightly, not shatter)
(also sorry for the cursing that’s about to happen lmao)
Pete jumped back, dropping the phone on the cushion. “What the fuck?!”

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Peyton looked at the boy, "Oh my god, I'm so sorry!"
they shrank back from the boy. "I can't control my magic," they said looking at their hands.

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((Ok that works!))

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Anastasia wrote: "((can someone tell me how to delete a group? I don't want to delete this one I want to delete a group that has been inactive for SEVEN YEARS))"

((Go to “edit membership/group settings And hit delete the group))

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kylee | 0 comments “Jesus Christ,” Pete muttered, trying to keep calm but basically failing.

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Peyton looked at the angered boy. "I'm sorry... I'll leave you.."
Peyton turned to walk out of the room.

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kylee | 0 comments Pete kicked the couch, trying to let out his anger in a more... safe way.

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Peyton scurried out of the room. Stopping and sliding down the wall outside the room.

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kylee | 0 comments Pete yelled some more curses before collapsing on the couch, his anger worn out. “I can’t even replace the fuckin screen right now,” he muttered

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Peyton sat stunned in the hallway. They had never seen someone so angry. Peyton was used to people being happy and carefree around them. Peyton ran their hands through their hair.

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kylee | 0 comments Pete presses his hand to his eyes, sighing angrily.

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"Why do you always have to mess things up?" Peyton whispered to them-self. They laid their head in their lap.

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Gerard walked in, and saw someone. “Are you okay?” He asked them.

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((What about Peyton? They are right outside the door!))

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(( sorry I’ll change that ))

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((Its fine, but thank you))

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(( it’s changed ))

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((Okay, thanks!))
Peyton looked up, startled, "Ask the person inside the room. They seem more upset than me."
Peyton looked back down.

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Gerard looked to Pete, and said, “Well, I saw you first. What’s your name?”

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"Peyton." They looked up, "I cracked his phone..."

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“Oh... Yeah... hm.. imma check on him.” Gerard grimaced.

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kylee | 0 comments Pete ignored the people talking outside the door, his face pressed into the crook of his elbow.

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Gerard stepped in, and saw Pete. He sat next to him, but a bit farther Away. He leaned his head back, sitting in silence.

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kylee | 0 comments Pete felt the sofa shift and held back a sigh. “What do you want.”

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(i love pete lmaooo)

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“Nothing. I’m just sitting.” Gerard said, and conjured up a new phone for Pete. He left it next to him, and left.

(( sameee ))

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kylee | 0 comments Pete sighed again, and decided he needed a drink. Coffee sounded nice. He got up, and noticed the phone. He looked slightly confused, thinking Gerard left his phone.

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