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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA Lucifer’s daughter angel weapon tattoos

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Camiron DeLoach (campdelo) | 4 comments I read this book years ago but it was amazing and I’d love to read it again. It was probably 9 years ago when I first read it. It was a free book I got on my Sony E-reader. It was about a teenage girl who’s parents were Lucifer and an (arch?) angel. There were angel weapons that were tattooed on her. Most angels only had one but her mother tried to “cleanse” her by giving her a bunch. Then she ended up in a boarding school on Earth. That’s about all I can remember to be honest. The angel weapons that appeared from the tattoos was the most memorable part.

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Camiron DeLoach (campdelo) | 4 comments I can’t remember if the boarding school was humans or demons but she roomed with guys.

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Camiron DeLoach (campdelo) | 4 comments Not from the shadow hunters! Someone suggested that and I looked into it but this is a single stand alone book set in present day.

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Camiron DeLoach (campdelo) | 4 comments TO ADD: she lived in heaven with her mother for awhile (where she got the tattoos) then in hell with her dad before being sent to the boarding school on earth (I can’t remember why) the weapons physically hurt her to “cone to surface” which is why most angels only had one. she hated her mother and I remember her having something to do with why she was on Earth instead of in hell still

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